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By Ebonmuse

Before my flight leaves, I’m just dropping by to post a quick note: the newest (June/July 2010) issue of Free Inquiry magazine contains an original article by me, “Diplomats and Rabble-Rousers”. The article discusses my views on the New Atheist movement and those who criticize it, pointing out that our accommodationist opponents are overlooking a basic lesson from history about what makes social reform movements successful. Go check it out! I’ll post a web link at a later date if one becomes available.

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  • Sarah Braasch

    That is amazing and fantastic. I am super excited for you. Good job.

  • DA

    Just so I’m clear (as a new-atheist type myself), do you think conversational style of the accomadationists is itself valid as a tactic? I’d love to read the article, but I live in China and I’m pretty sure we can’t get it here.


  • Katie M


  • Brock

    I got my copy yesterday, and started with your article. Excellent as always. Congratulations!