New Deconversion Stories on Ebon Musings

I know that I haven’t updated Ebon Musings very often these past few months, but now that all my wedding-related activities are over and done with, I hope to change that. I have several topics in mind that I intend to write new essays about, probably later this year. In the meantime, as a promissory note, I’m proud to announce that we have three new deconversion stories – all of them excellent. Two came to me courtesy of commenters on Daylight Atheism, while the third was completely unsolicited (but no less welcome for that).

And without further ado, here they are:

Five Year Mistake, by Anonymous

The Prodigal Daughter, by Adele

Finding Freedom in Calculus, by Melissa

Thanks to all three of these brave atheists for writing about their experiences!

As always, new deconversion stories are welcome. If you have one you’d like me to publish, please send it to me (either in e-mail, or even in a comment here) and I’ll be glad to consider it.

This is an open thread. What’s on your mind?

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