New Book Review on Dangerous Intersection

I’ve posted a new book review on Dangerous Intersection, a review of Barbara Demick’s superb book Nothing to Envy, a mesmerizing account of ordinary life in North Korea. There are some obvious parallels with fundamentalist religion that atheists and freethinkers will probably be interested in.

This is an open thread.

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  • Eurekus

    Portugal whipped them 7- 0 in the Soccer World Cup. I hope the North Korean players aren’t going to be sacrificed to their ‘God’.

  • lpetrich

    Seems like a great book. Those Godless Commies have invented their own gods.

    I once reviewed Vice TV Goes to North Korea — the place looks like some Stalinist throwback, complete with Potemkin villages for their guests and celebration of how united they are against that Evil Empire.

  • BJ Murphy

    Sorry, but that was a terrible review and is quite misleading. Especially the “North Korea has no electricity” claim. You clearly don’t know much about North Korea, which I don’t blame you for, but I was hoping you’d know enough to not make simplistic errors such as that.

    Before you even come close in doing another review on anything dealing with North Korea, I’d like for you to actually read the works of North Korean experts first before anything else. Such experts are Prof. Tim Beal, Prof. Bruce Cumings, and foreign policy analyst Stephen Gowans.

    I hope you come to find time to read over the great, in detail works by these gentlemen, who definitely give a view of North Korea that goes beyond the simplistic, cold-war propaganda.

    Thank you for hearing out.

  • Jim Baerg

    BJ Murphy:
    I note that the no electricity idea comes from the satellite photos of the region at night showing lots of lit up cities in every country *except* North Korea.

    Could you tell us why that is misleading?