Atheist Apps for Android

So, I’ve finally joined the 21st century by buying my first ever 3G smartphone, a Motorola Droid 2. I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it and I’m happy with the network coverage and connection speed so far. There’s also the Android Market, which lists thousands of user-developed applications you can download, everything from games and news readers to compasses and metal detectors (no kidding).

I do have one important complaint, though. There aren’t nearly enough atheist-themed apps!

The Market is aswarm with Christian apps: Bible references, daily devotional readings, Christian chat rooms and bulletin boards, phone wallpapers, streaming apps for Christian radio and TV stations, and so on. But atheist- and skeptic-friendly apps are few and far between. Just about the only ones I’ve found are a pocket debater’s guide from the anti-climate-change-denialist site Skeptical Science and an amusing quote database from FSTDT.

So, where are all the atheist app developers? Are they all iPhone users? Or do any readers know about ones I’ve somehow missed? We need some parity here!

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  • Katie M

    *looks at her almost-four-year-old phone that can only call and text*

    I envy you :)

    I just googled “atheist android app” and got a lot of results. Quite a few of them looked questionable, though.

  • DemonAura

    I have an iPhone and have been looking for similar apps with very similar results.
    The pocket debater is one of the highest rated paid apps but, there is also another available on iPhone called the Creationist Claims Index which is free and quite good.
    Last one I can find is the Skeptical Science which is focused on climate change and not religion.

    I would love to see an expansion of the Creationist Claims Index but, even more so I would kill to see an offline version of the IronChariots wiki for iTouch/iPhone. I’d help write it if I got the chance even.

    Alas, even on iPhone we only have about 3 apps and I haven’t seen more since I got my iTouch year ago. I was hoping Android would have more and was going to buy an Android phone but, my step father upgrades to the iPhone4 and gave me his old iPhone for free.

    Best of luck mate!

  • SuperHappyJen

    I must confess, I am 30 years old and I have never owned a cell phone. Maybe I’ll get one when I grow up.

    I do have an iPod Touch (just to prove I’m not a complete luddite) and I might check out the Creationist Claims Index.

  • Derek

    What exactly is an Atheist themed app? I do iPhone and Android development, but I don’t even know what that means, ha. I’m pretty sure there are tons of science apps as it is in both market places. Perhaps people could expound on what they’re looking for.

  • Ebonmuse

    A version of the Creationist Claims Index for Android phones would be great. Another thing I was hoping to find and didn’t was an offline version of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. And how about something like the FFRF’s Freethought of the Day? Those are just for starters; the possibilities are endless.

    I may have to look into setting up the Android SDK. I’m sure I could do something fairly simple with it.

  • the chaplain

    Ebon, you’ve purchased a phone. People use phones primarily to communicate with each other. Some of the extras are useful, but, I’m not interested into getting into a pissing match with insecure Christians who can be conned into buying all sorts of useless shit that reinforces their delusions – which “side” can get the most or the biggest techie apps on the market. Let the religious kooks waste their money on G3 Jesus Junk – maybe it will give them less money to spend on spewing their bullshit in our schools. If you’re interested in developing an app on your own, go for it. As for me, I’ll be too busy enjoying my godless life to care about the fact that the guy or gal next to me can search for Bible verses or read Pat Robertson’s latest sermon in between phone calls.

  • vjack

    I’m another Android user, and I know what you mean. I have no interest in iPhones, but that does appear to be the platform of choice for atheist app developers.

  • Staceyjw

    There are more xtian apps for 2main reasons: there are more xtians than atheists, but more important, they need all that stuff to keep themselves convinced that their faith is real and their beliefs aren’t silly. We don’t need that sort of thing, so there isn’t as much demand for it. i have a Blackberry and an IPAD and I get all the atheist stuff I want online, like through this site, no app needed.
    it would be cool to have an atheist/skeptic quote of the day app, but its not like you can’t get that same thing via email.
    enjoy your Droid, if work didn’t pay for my PDA I would have a Droid too. I’m still figuring out the IPAD,
    Which is why there are so many punctuation mistakes :)

  • bbk

    I was thinking of putting together my first android app, just don’t have the time. My idea would be to use one of the barcode scanning sdk’s to help people identify products that atheists should boycott. Another idea would be a pay-app whose proceeds would go to some atheist cause. Problem is there are more economically viable things for me to, so it’s very hard to justify the effort.

  • Ceetar

    It’d be good for our resumes: We should teach ourselves the Android language and get working on this!

  • Ebonmuse

    Apparently the Android SDK is just based on Java, which I know quite well, so that would be easy. It would just be a matter of learning the system calls. I don’t really know when I’d have time for it between work and blogging, though. Can’t abandon my faithless readers!

  • Derek

    Hmm.. I know there’s a Creationist Claims Index for the iPhone, but you’re right there isn’t one for Android. It won’t be terribly difficult, the larger process will actually be screen scraping the original index. The FTOTD is similarly just as easy. However, the SAB probably would require approaching the publisher for permission, or asking if they would interested in the development of an Android or iPhone version. You can message me at the e-mail I provided on the form if you’re interested in pursuing these. I might try getting a rough version of the CCI since I have some free time.

  • MrMarkAZ

    I have the Nexus One and was similarly disappointed in the lack of atheist-focussed applications for the Android OS.

    That said, we’re supposedly smarter and more adaptable than our faith-entrenched brethren and sistren, and there are two apps that are handy must-haves for atheists, whether engaging the Jeebusites or not.

    1. The United States Constitution (app that includes all amendments plus supplemental readings, including the history of the Pledge O’ Allegiance).
    2. Kindle for Android, so that you can download and have handy items such as the Portable Atheist and On the Origin Of Species.
    3. Others?
  • Niels

    Portable Atheist is a recently released android application. See:

  • Sean

    I wrote an Android App that gives you the supporting bible verse for whatever position you choose. It’s called the Bible Versinator – Bible Versinator

    If anyone has a good idea, let me know and maybe i’ll be able to write a free app.

  • Spencer