Open Thread: Shameless Self-Promotion Day

The last time I did one of these was some time ago, so I think it’s about time for another.

This is an open thread for the purposes of self-promotion. If you maintain a blog or other site that you want to tell us about, now’s the time! Feel free to post a comment telling us about yourself and your site: who you are, what you write about, and why we should be interested. Atheist-themed sites are of course preferred, though all comers are welcome. If there are any that particularly catch my eye, I may add them to my blogroll. I like creativity and good writing, so make sure you show off both!

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About Adam Lee

Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • Leah

    Hello all!

    I’m an atheist dating a Catholic and I blog about religion at Unequally Yoked.

    I blog primarily about philosophy, rather than politics (my politically blogging happens at the Huffington Post). Currently, I’m in the middle of a series about immorality which includes posts on drone strikes, Horcruxes, and ways fiction can help us behave better. And, last week, I had some strong opinions about Glee.

    Love to have you visit!

  • TxCHLInstructor

    Wow! Thanks! I have been following Daylight Atheism for a while now (a few months back, I managed to get into a religious flamewar with the resident adherents to the vegetarian superstition on this site, who, of course, denied that it was a *religious* flamewar, despite clear evidence :)

    I maintain a number of blogs, and I am currently getting into internet marketing with a little more effort than I have previously, so I will probably have several other sites up over the next few months. Thanks again for the link juice, even though I don’t really expect any visitors from this site, since so few atheists can handle the thought that an atheist might actually be a Conservative or Libertarian – and not only carry a gun, but teach others how to shoot well.

    I have been asked to read a passage from PZ Myers’ Blog Pharyngula, supposedly because I resemble PZ. That’s actually quite a stretch. Fortunately, the passage I’m reading is one that I enthusiastically agree with! The FoFD will have the video available for those interested enough to hunt it down…

    Texas Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor in North Texas Get your concealed carry license!

  • TxCHLInstructor

    Forgot to mention that you can find information on the FoFD at — you can probably find the video of my reading tomorrow morning once it gets posted.

  • BreadGod

    My name is BreadGod, and I run a blog devoted to obscure metal.

  • grant koo

    Who knew how shameful shameless self-promotion could be? Which is why I’m taking you up on your offer to take some of it on yourself.

    I’m serializing my first novel, And the Past Went on Breathing, a chapter a day next week starting Monday at midnight here:

    (I should warn you there’s a phone sex scene releasing on Friday night not intended for younger audiences.)

    Currently, the first chapter of a novel-in-progress is up there all by its lonesome. If you find any of it mildly entertaining, why not share it with people you know?

    Thanks for your support.

  • grant koo

    Should probably also mention that my character is an atheist by day…

  • pastr

    Hi everybody,
    I just started my Pale Blue Blog last week.
    It is not exclusively about atheistic topics but also about the things that are going on in my geeky world where science, skepticism and free thought play a big role.
    Hope to see you around.

  • toomanytribbles

    completely shameless.

    toomanytribbles: i spread worthy atheist memes and blog about whatever’s captured my attention at the moment… these days it’s photography.

  • toomanytribbles

    may i also plug the forthcoming english version of atheia, maintained by atheists in greece?

    hopefully you’ll see material added real soon.

  • rejistania

    Well, I am a conlanger from Germany and I maintain a blog about one of my constructed languages. I also talk about a Song of the Week (a CCed Song, which catches my fancy) on every Friday. Feel free to have a look.

  • SuperHappyJen

    I just blog about my life but my kids are really cute!

    Also my Mom is an accomplished children’s/YA author. Her website is If you have kids who are like 9-14, check her out. See where I got my writing talent.

    Also if anyone is a literary agent, I’m writing a book. Science Fiction, but more character driven than typical genre stuff. Romance and humour and wardroids refitted as sex slaves. Fun stuff!

  • Danu

    My website is which is a website and forum aimed at women who had the total head-spinning experience of being raised by women with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    It was as part of dealing with the crazy-makingingness of it all, and that of my father who is a religious nutter, that I explored the whole religion thing more and came across this blog. So it is related and relevant, albeit very tangentially.

  • Sharmin

    Hi! I’m Ani Sharmin, and I have a blog called The Eternal Bookshelf (

    I’ve relatively new to blogging. I mostly write about books, religion, and atheism and I sometimes post my own poetry or thoughts. I love science fiction and fantasy books, and I’m a Harry Potter fan.

  • MyLiteraryCoach

    I am a writing coach who specializes in proposals and query letters both for fiction (to a literary agent) and nonfiction (to a publisher’s editor). My blog offers advice and my website a list of free resource links (which viewers can vote up or down, and thereby change their ranking). Tim Staveteig, and blog.

  • Aegis

    Heya! I’m Mick Wright, I co-blog at with my Baptist girlfriend – it’s where we post stuff that irritates us both, so we can illustrate to people on both sides of the faith fence that disagreeing on gods doesn’t mean your moral compasses have to be different.

  • Sarah Braasch

    Wow. I loved reading this thread to find out how interesting and cool the community is here.

  • Garbledina

    Hi! I have been a reader of this blog for a while, but I am pretty sure this is my first comment. How embarrassing that it’s for shameless self-promotion! My blog is The Bible is Useless. It sounds confrontational, and my opinion is actually much more nuanced, but you gotta get the punters in the door ;)

  • Steve Bowen

    Well I’ve had my chance before when Ebon kindly featured me on the Foundation Beyond Belief series. But shameless is as shameless does. My blog is Atheist MC. The name by the way came about because I was playing the Emcee in an am-dram production of Cabaret at about the time I started blogging.

  • Camus Dude

    I’m a long time reader of DA (I would say it’s one of the major influences in my becoming an atheist). I’ve tried blogging before several times, but I never keep it up. I do however keep up a virtually continuous stream of sarcastic, ironic, atheistic, profanity-laced ejaculations on Twitter. @CamusDude

  • Nes

    I don’t have any connection to the site, and in fact they don’t seem to have updated in over a year, but I would like to recommend The Two Percent Company anyway. They mostly focus on reason-based politics, but religion often creeps in (as it so often does in politics). Their blog is the “Rants” section, and they have some essays in “The Score”.

  • Zietlos


    I try to keep up on here whenever I can, usually agreeing with people but playing the antagonist at least a half-dozen times for discourse’s sake.

    If a religious or atheist-themed event is brought up to me, or if the urge strikes, I will write a poem about it on my blog (name-linked). Unfortunately, high up here in the ivory tower there are midterms currently going on, so its on hold til the work amount lowers.

  • lpetrich

    I don’t have any blogs to promote, but I’m a long-time participant in several secularist messageboards, like IIDB (now FRDB), and most recently, Secular Cafe. I’m a sysadmin there.

  • NFQ

    I’m an atheist blogging about atheism and religion at No Forbidden Questions – new material just about every weekday, and on weekends too when I can manage it. For want of a more clever pseudonym, I go by NFQ.

  • the snide atheist

    I’ve got a fairly new blog – Ask the Snide Atheist. It could best be described as a satirical atheist advice column.

  • krissthesexyatheist

    Go for the sic pack, stay for the content.



  • Chris Swanson

    Ah, it’s always lovely to have the chance to pimp the ol’ blog, especially since Daylight Atheism is what inspired me to start blogging in the first place! :)

    Click on the link in my name and you’ll get to my site where I have pictures from yesterday’s visit to the Grand Canyon, reflections on homosexuality and politics, a series of articles about the worst of Doctor Who, and a (badly in need of updating), section called “Badger’s Bible Project”, where I’ve been trying to read the whole damn book and blog on it. It’s been slow going.

    Feel free to visit and comment and stuff and junk! :D

  • Abbie

    I’ve been doing a blog called Better Than Esdras, where I blog about the Bible as I read it. Each post usually covers 2-3 chapters. I’ve done Joshua and am halfway through Judges. (I’ll go back and do the Torah later.)

    It’s written for an atheist audience, and while I try to keep the tone informal (I’m not a good writer, am not aiming high) I am more focused on understanding the text than mocking the standard Christian interpretation.

    I have a specific interest in textual criticism, i.e. trying to figure out the individual texts that make up the Bible. The Documentary Hypothesis and all that jazz. I just devoted an absurdly long post to figuring out whether an obscure passage in Judges was quoting the J source, JE, or Numbers itself. (The answer may bore you!)

    I find writing the posts brings me to really understand the text, so I think it’s worthwhile to continue even if it’s dumb and nobody else reads it. Still, I hope to create a jumping-off point for any atheists who want to better understand the Bible.

  • Lion IRC

    Atheists who want to understand the bible better.

  • 2-D Man

    Watch this space. I hope to be putting together a blog sometime in the next month or so. The plan is to make a science blog looking at physical trauma research and motor vehicle collisions. (It might sound a bit morbid, but I just got my engineering degree and I want to be an accident reconstructionist.)

    For now, I’m off to read papers.

  • jim coufal

    I’m a new blogger and bit technologically challenged but going at it anyway. The blog is named
    “Freethinkerfirst’ because I believe that in our religion saturated culture one must be a freethinker before proceeding to other thought models. So I write about whatever interests me from the perspective of a freethinking, atheistic, secular humanist, with some focus on religion and politics.