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I don’t usually write posts that are just quotes, but sometimes it’s nice to take a stroll down memory lane. Back in the day, this guy used to be one of the sharpest pro-science writers around, and I used to really love reading his stuff. I wonder whatever became of him.

“At its most basic level, the modern Right’s tension with science springs from conservatism, a political philosophy that generally resists change. The dynamism of science – its constant onslaught on old orthodoxies, its rapid generation of new technological possibilities – presents an obvious challenge to more static worldviews. From Galileo to Darwin and beyond, this conflict has played out repeatedly over the course of history.”

—Chris Mooney, The Republican War on Science, p.5. Perseus Books Group, 2005.

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  • Tim Tcsgrv

    Chris Mooney remains active,
    i.e. “Unscientific America”, co-written with Kirshenbaum in 2009. He is also currently one of the hosts of the podcast Point of Inquiry by the Center for Inquiry


  • Ebonmuse

    That was a marvelous example of missing the point. :)

  • kagerato

    I feel as though this post was presenting some kind of irony. However, not having read or listened to anything Chris Mooney has written or said recently, I don’t know what it was.

    Did Mooney get married or change his name? Heh.

  • Valhar2000

    No, Mooney at one point decided to embark on a Crusade against the New Atheists. He wants us to be quieter and more polite, and he will never falter in his struggle for increased meekness, damnit!

  • Bob Carlson

    No, Mooney at one point decided to embark on a Crusade against the New Atheists.

    Which got him named a Templeton Journalism Fellow.

  • Alex Weaver

    Unfortunately, Chris Mooney shortly thereafter degenerated into a fratricidal maniac.

  • Anna

    I used to like the Point of Inquiry Podcast before Chris Mooney signed on. He is okay talking about science and defending science from the conservative right, but he is too much of an accomodationist and critic of the new atheists to garner much respect from me.

  • Tommykey

    I think Mooney actually does an ok job on POI. The one I’m not really crazy about is Robert Price (I think that’s his name). To rephrase an old line, he has a voice made for mime.

  • feralboy12

    I’ll always remember when me and Mr. Mooney accidentally got trapped in the bank vault. It was another one of my harebrained schemes…
    Oh wait, that was the Lucy Show. Sorry.