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As you all may know, I try to make my blogroll a list of sites that I personally know, like and recommend, not just the equivalent of a telephone directory. Usually, I don’t even consider adding new sites until they’re at least a couple of months old, because I like to get a feel for the author’s voice and see if their beliefs resonate with mine. But I have to make an exception just this once, because the author of this new site happens to be the person I’m married to, and I’m pretty sure our views are in harmony. Yes, I’ve finally transmitted the blogging virus to her – and it only took about five years…

So, if you’re inclined, go visit Political Flavors. It’s not an atheist blog, but I’m told you can expect an eclectic mix of politics, food, science, book reviews, and maybe some other stuff as well. Check it out, and tell them Daylight Atheism sent you!

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