Daylight Atheism San Francisco Meetup

So, are there any Daylight Atheism readers in that gorgeous, godless city by the bay?

This coming Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, January 14th to 17th, I’m going to be in San Francisco to see friends and do some sightseeing. And since past Daylight Atheism reader meetups in Los Angeles and St. Louis have gone very well, I’d be glad to do it again. If you’re interested, leave a comment or send me an e-mail and let me know when you’re free. Saturday is probably spoken for, but other than that, any time during the weekend should be fine. We’ll plan something for whenever the most people are available.

And though I’m not making any promises on behalf of anyone else, there’s a certain other well-known atheist blogger who lives in the city and might show up…

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