Thanks to San Francisco Readers

My thanks to all the Daylight Atheism readers who attended the meetup this past weekend in San Francisco. We had a very sizable crowd show up, much fun was had, and much sangria was consumed – all the hallmarks of a successful get-together, in my opinion. And thanks, of course, to the amazing Greta Christina both for suggesting the place and for brightening the whole evening with her presence!

I have no doubt that I’ll be back in the Bay Area sometime. Until then, where else are there people who’d be interested in a meetup?

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  • Nathaniel

    This atheist has always been saddened that such things seem to happen out West, never in the Washington D.C area.

    Just a thought.

  • Tito

    A vote for Austin,TX It’s sunny with highs of almost 60 this weekend with lots of great outdoor activities and great Mexican food.

  • Maynard

    I second Tito.

  • nogrief

    Hey, we’re enjoying 75 here in Tucson today. Surely you’ve heard of Tucson lately. We could use a non pious group,exhibiting non-theistic faces about now.

  • Peter Tibbles

    How about Melbourne, Australia?

  • Ebonmuse

    Just FYI, it’s not necessary for a place to be warm for me to consider it. :)

  • Joel Wheeler

    Sorry I missed you guys, but glad to hear it was a success.

  • Tawnos

    Seattle area?

  • gamba

    Nah, you guys missed it all! The next should be in Niger state, Nigeria. But joke apart, its saddening to be this far away and not in a crowd.

  • Nes

    I had a very strong suspicion that Greta was the special guest. Man, being poor and unable to travel really sucks, would have been great to meet both of you.

    Since it doesn’t have to be a warm place, maybe you could come to the twin cities here in Minnesota some time. Maybe you could even convince a certain well known professor of biology and liberal blogger to show up ;)

  • Teleprompter

    Another vote for Washington, D.C.

  • LindaJoy

    Adam- I hope you know you are welcome in Louisville any time.

  • Steve Bowen

    Let’s do it in England. Not warm, although the welcome is and to sweeten the pill I have a pub, so the beers are on me.

  • LindaJoy

    Let’s do it in England. Not warm, although the welcome is and to sweeten the pill I have a pub, so the beers are on me.

    I’m all for that!

  • Stephan

    Anywhere near atlanta.