Atheist Action Items

• We’ve all been following the news about the massive earthquake and tsunami that’s devastated Japan, and I won’t waste your time rehashing the details. Help on an international scale is urgently needed, and the Foundation Beyond Belief has stepped in and is raising funds for the Japanese Red Cross. They’ve already collected almost $10,000, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed. Visit their ChipIn page and contribute if you can.

• On another note, my good friend and general paragon of awesomeness Greta Christina is compiling a list of living atheists who are people of color, similar to Jen McCreight’s list of female atheists. The intent is to offer the completed list as a resource for conference organizers who want to diversify their lineup, but don’t know or can’t find any non-white atheists to invite. Go check out the comment thread, and if you know of anyone who hasn’t been mentioned, please add them!

"Once Mitch McConnell deigns to seat Jones, anyway."

The Great State of Alabama
"Also, only two GOP senators are needed to block Trump's agenda now."

The Great State of Alabama
"But if there wasn't a strong black voter turnout, Moore would've won, even with the ..."

The Great State of Alabama
"Ding, dong, the witch has lost! The wicked Witch! The wicked Witch."

The Great State of Alabama

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