Weekly Link Roundup

• Greta Christina posts her completed list of atheists of color.

• In early 1981, Carl Sagan sent this letter to the Explorers’ Club – an international society dedicated to scientific exploration – regarding their men-only admission policy. Several months later, the first female members were admitted. (HT: Geek Feminism Blog)

• Johann Hari writes about “the myth of the panicking disaster victim” and what it implies for humanity’s inherent moral sense.

• Catholic anti-abortion groups are trying to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to “save” a 13-month-old infant with a severe neurological disorder who is not and likely never will be conscious, after Canadian doctors proposed removing his breathing tube. Peter Singer asks if this is the most “pro-life” use of all that money.

• Following a devastating grand jury report, the Catholic archdiocese of Philadelphia has suspended 21 priests named as child molestation suspects. Also, Maureen Dowd profiles the first U.S. district attorney to criminally charge church officials for covering up child abuse – including sickening details from the grand jury report describing exactly what they helped to cover up.

• In a welcome and long-overdue development, the British government proposes reforming the country’s archaic and plaintiff-friendly libel laws to stop abuses such as “libel tourism”. (See my earlier post on this.)

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  • jack

    Catholic anti-abortion groups are trying to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to “save” a 13-month-old infant

    Too bad they’ve had to pour so many millions into legal fees for the defense of their child-raping priests and the higher-ups who protected them. Think of all the future children they could have saved with that money, had they not been so intent on molesting the ones already here.

  • Suzu

    the Catholic church will chose to project and protect it’s ideology over and over again.

    Better to spend millions prolonging the “life” of one poor infant who will never be able to experience this world then thousands preventing hundreds of thousands of needless death and suffering.

    Better to close ranks and maintain moral exceptionalism then prevent or address the pain of thousands of children and families.

    they are an old, sick institution that is only getting sicker as they try to maintain relevancy.

  • jemand

    Holy shit, 1981. I totally missed that reading through the first time around.

  • Frank Hunter

    They profess to be doing the ‘GOD’s’ work yet profane his name and reject his commandments:
    Ex 20:7* Thou shalt not take the name of Jehovah thy God in vain.
    De 5:11 Thou shalt not take the name of Jehovah thy God in vain.

    In light of this, any “religious” institution that is harboring those who are guilty of these crimes should be taxed.

    Charge the Pope, Bishops and any other bastards who have aided and abetted in this criminal activity. Until the hierarchy are brought to justice there will be a continuance of these activities.

    I would advocate neutering these bastards but of course we are civilized these days, or so we are led to believe.