Call for Guest Admins

As regular readers might remember, I got married last May. Well, I’m fast approaching my first anniversary (holy cow, it’s been almost a year already?!), and MissCherryPi and I are planning to go on a trip to Spain later this month, the week of May 22, to celebrate.

Since I’ll likely have very limited internet access and less time for writing while I’m away, I’d like to find a few capable individuals who can write guest posts, approve comments, and generally keep Daylight Atheism lively in my absence. The last time I did this, during my honeymoon, it worked out splendidly, and I’m hoping to repeat that success. There are only a few simple administrative things that need doing, which I’d be glad to explain, and in exchange, you can post here as often as you wish (and in fact the more often, the better). Anyone interested in volunteering?

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