Open Thread: We Got Him!

I had a post about marriage equality I was going to put up today, but instead, let me just say this:

Holy shit, we killed Osama bin Laden.

I’m still speechless – this doesn’t seem real. My reactions, more or less in order:

(1) When I opened my news reader this morning, the first headline was a story from CNN, “Stocks set for higher open after death of Osama bin Laden.” I think I did a classic comedy double-take.

(2) The Republicans who were planning to run for president must be crying tonight. There’s no way in hell they’re going to beat Obama in 2012 now.

(3) It’s about time we got this done. Even I almost wish there was a hell so that evil bastard can rot there.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: I wrote this post quickly while still half-asleep, after turning on my computer in the morning and seeing the news headlines. I’ve since had time to collect my thoughts and have written a lengthier account of my position.

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