Link Roundup and Facial Hair Update

As regular readers may remember, when our team of underdog bloggers triumphed last month in a fund-raising contest for Camp Quest, I vowed to grow a beard so as to prove that PZ Myers wasn’t the only atheist overlord out there who could boast of manly facial hair. Well, that experiment is underway as we speak.

At the end of the month, I’ll post before-and-after pictures with the results. In the meantime, the beard is still in an incomplete state, and I don’t want it seen by the prying eyes of search engines until it’s in its full glory. But if you want to see updates, I’ve been posting them every week or so on my Facebook wall – so if you’re a fellow user of that sinister privacy-robbing corporate behemoth, why not send me a friend request? My friends list is sadly short compared to some of my fellow bloggers, and I’d like to take steps to rectify that.

And you know, it’s the strangest damn thing, but ever since I started growing this beard, I’ve begun to find marine invertebrates unaccountably fascinating. Here’s a mini-link roundup of some stories I’ve come across that I thought were worth sharing:

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