New Translations on Ebon Musings

I’m happy to announce that new translations have been posted for several of my articles on Ebon Musings, representing not one, not two, but three languages. My devious plan for world conquest is proceeding exactly on schedule!

My sincere gratitude to all these dedicated volunteers for their hard work! As always, additional volunteers are welcome.

Thoughts on the Chapel Hill Shooting
Weekend Coffee: February 22
What’s Behind the Appeal of ISIS?
Video: My Secular Cults Panel at FtBCon 3
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  • Abbie


    Sometimes we forget the whole world doesn’t speak english. To spread the memes, we gotta translate our voices. (In both directions.)

    I was VERY happy to see the spanish-language Skepchick introduced, Escéptica (

  • Rafael

    I’m glad to be of service. :)

    If there happens to be any other Brazilian readers around here, please let me know of any translation mistakes you might have found in the essays. Then I’ll make the corrections and forward them to Adam.

    Let’s spread the word :)