Help the Filipino Freethinkers

I’m no PZ Myers, but I’ve been known to crash a poll now and then. And today, you can do it for a good cause: helping the Filipino Freethinkers win the Globe Tatt Award, which recognizes innovative use of social media and comes with a cash prize. Here’s the e-mail I got from FF member Jeiel Aranal:

The Filipino Freethinkers is currently in the running for two categories in the Globe Tatt Awards, a local social media award. The prizes we could win in the awards would go a long way in helping us with our projects in the future. So far, all of our work has been self funded while we regularly go toe to toe with the Roman Catholic Church which has, well, crazy large coffers.

The awards we’re up for are “The Advocate” and “The One” categories. The Advocate is for the best social media advocacy. We’ve been using our blog, Facebook and Twitter to get people to think about issues and to act an discuss on the issues at hand. The One is for the best overall use of social media.

10% of the final decision is decided by a public online vote, we could really use your help with promoting our group and asking people to vote for us. The voting is held on this website and people will need a Facebook account to cast a vote. We just recently managed to climb to the top spot in The One category but there is still more than a week to go for the voting so we still need help in securing our position.

For the excellent work they’ve done to oppose the Roman Catholic church in one of its few remaining strongholds, the Filipino Freethinkers deserve our support. Voting requires a Facebook account, so if you have one, please go to this link to cast your ballot.

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  • NotStradamus

    I moved to the Philippines less than 2 months ago. I was afraid I was the only freethinker or atheist in the country, or at least in my part of the country. There is a very small group of Filipino atheists on Atheist Nexus centered around Manila but they are not very active.
    I’m so happy to find a group like Filipino Freethinkers. I will definitely look into it some time soon. Where would atheists be without the internet? We are no longer alone and in hiding.

  • Ydnar

    Hi NotStradamus,

    There is a social organization that provides social action for the promotion of atheism and agnosticism in PHL, named PATAS. Founded last February 14th 2011. Check their website here

  • Jeiel Aranal

    Hi NotStradamus! Which part of the Philippines are you living in? The Filipino Freethinkers are most active in the Metro Manila area but we also have a chapter in Davao that’s starting to get more active with their meetups.

    One of the goals we consider important in the Freethinkers is letting non-believers know that they’re not alone in the Philippines, which is why we have meetups every two weeks. We just had one this past weekend so our next meetup will be on Sunday, 28th August. Watch our website for the meetup announcement.

    In the meantime we have a really active community on Facebook, come by and say hi!

  • kennypo65

    They got my vote, I’m always happy to support freethinkers of all stripes in all places always.

  • NotStradamus

    Thanks Ydnar and Jeiel,
    I was hoping to get some information about other groups. I’m living in Lapu Lapu City right now but I’m planning to move somewhere on the island of Cebu, probably the south end within the next year or so.
    I looked at the Facebook page and I really like the comments and links. Some very good ideas and excellent writing. I jjust sent a request to join the FB group. I will visit it on my regular rounds along with Daylight Atheism and Pharyngula.

  • Jeiel Aranal

    Hey NotStradamus! I know we have some online members in Cebu but we don’t have a chapter organized yet down there. See you around in the FB group!