The Natural Law Argument Against Procreation

“Nobody has the right to harm others. Yet, homosexuality is a harmful behavior. It is obviously harmful to its practitioners — the clinical evidence for all manner of psychological and physical problems created by acting on homosexual impulses is well established. Homosexuality is destructive to self because it uses the human body in ways that it simple [sic] was not intended to be used by nature and nature’s God.”

In the above quote, religious-right columnist Tim Dunkin argues that we know homosexuality is immoral because of the physical and psychological harm that it causes. The lasting damage that gay people do to their bodies, he says, is proof that they’re misusing them in ways that God never intended.

Well, I think he’s onto something. The only thing is, I think he’s aiming at the wrong target. There’s a practice that indisputably causes far more harm, wreaks far more destruction on human bodies and minds, than homosexuality. That practice is heterosexual procreation, and I hope that sensible, right-thinking Christians across the land will join with me in urging Congress to pass a law banning this wicked and sinful act.

Do you doubt that procreation is against natural law? Well, just consider this evidence.

First of all, there’s the hymen. This membrane, which is a completely natural part of women’s bodies, covers and protects the vaginal opening – clear evidence of God’s benevolent design and his intention not to permit anything to pass through. When the hymen is torn, often during a woman’s first act of intercourse, the usual result is pain and blood, which is tangible proof of the harm done by disobeying God’s will. Why, some women have to have surgery just to make it possible for them to have sex! What clearer proof could there be that we’re misusing our bodies and going against natural law when we do it?

But if a woman disregards God’s will and goes on to have sex and become pregnant, worse harm often follows. For one thing, the narrow pelvis of human beings makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an entire baby to fit through. In developing countries, this causes obstructed labor, which is still a leading cause of maternal death. In advanced countries, godless doctors “solve” this problem with episiotomy or even Caesarean section – major surgery that involves cutting through the abdominal wall! Don’t you think that, if giving birth was in accord with God’s plan, he would have designed the human body to do it easily and without pain or harm? The fact that women are trying to push babies through a channel which something that size would never normally fit through is clear proof that they’re blatantly defying natural law.

Even when the act of giving birth succeeds, severe complications often follow that are destructive to the woman’s health. One of the most common is obstetric fistula, a terrible injury that results in incontinence, infections and paralysis. Psychological consequences sometimes follow as well, such as postpartum depression and even postpartum psychosis. And, please note, none of these are occasional add-ons like STDs – they follow directly and intrinsically from childbirth itself! How can the many harmful consequences of procreation not convince you that it’s an unnatural and objectively disordered act in plain violation of natural law?

The only solution is to pass a just and sensible law, or better yet a constitutional amendment, banning this immoral practice. Since people can’t be trusted to use their bodies responsibly as God intended, we true Christians have no choice but to force them to do the right thing. The Bible itself says clearly that lifelong celibacy is always the better choice, so we know that this law would be correct in God’s eyes. What better argument do we need to make it a part of the secular law that’s binding on everyone?

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