His Noodly Appendage, Now in Yarn Form

I’m inordinately pleased by this. :)

Earlier this summer, I threw in for a fundraising contest for Camp Quest, pitting a team of us lowlier bloggers against the Dark Overlord himself. The over $30,000 we collectively raised was reward enough for me, but I just received a completely unexpected thank-you gift in the mail: a hand-crocheted Flying Spaghetti Monster, crafted by Sue Henry and Kelley Freeman of the Secular Student Alliance. Thanks, Kelley and Sue! I shall display it with pride, and whenever I see it on my desk, I’ll be reminded that the FSM and His glorious noodly appendage are always watching over us.

Isn’t he cute?

I decided to reenact the FSM’s creation of the universe. (Desktop image by Digital Blasphemy.)

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  • joy

    That is so wonderfully awesome.

  • http://journal.nearbennett.com Rick

    You all deserve a hand-crocheted FSM! The Dark Overlord will of course that his be a cephalopod instead…

  • sng

    The IPU, blessed be her holy hooves, is not well pleased by this heretical blasphemy not well pleased at all. Renounce your evil ways and embrace her goodness!

  • TommyP

    So cute! Time for some pasta and unicorn meat to celebrate!