See You At Skepticon!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be at Skepticon IV this weekend in Springfield, Missouri, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it. Given the sheer number of fantastic speakers, we’re at serious risk of overwhelming the laws of physics and collapsing the fabric of reality into a singularity of skeptical awesomeness.

There’s going to be a meetup for atheist and skeptic bloggers Saturday night at 9:30, at the Farmers’ Gastropub, and I definitely plan on attending. If you’re also going to be there, come and say hi! I’ll also be in the area on Friday night and Sunday night, and I assume other gatherings will be taking place, so I’ll post details on those if and when I have them.

I’ll report from the convention if I can, though blogging will most likely be light through the weekend. (I hear that PZ is glad for all the young people coming this year, as we’re needed to, quote, “soak up all the alcohol”. Eek?)

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