Daylight Atheism, The Book Now Available on Amazon!

Happy weekend, everybody! If you’re looking for something to read along with your Saturday morning coffee, I’ve got something that’s better than any newspaper: Daylight Atheism, The Book is now available on Amazon Kindle! Here’s the link:

If you read it, please consider writing a review. Other e-book platforms, via Smashwords, will be ready very soon, and hardcopy format is coming later this summer. I’ll keep my previous post updated with all the latest prices and ordering information. Watch this space for updates!

UPDATE: Holy crap. I checked just before going to bed, and Amazon is currently showing this:

I have no idea how many actual sales this equates to, or whether the book will hold this position for any length of time. But… me, just behind Dawkins and Hitchens? On day one? I’m speechless. If you’re one of the people who bought a copy, please let me know. I think I owe you all something big for this.

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