Daylight Atheism, The Book Now Available in Paperback!

For those of you who don’t have an e-reader (a category which, I have to admit, includes myself), or who just prefer something more tangible, here’s some hopefully welcome news: Daylight Atheism, The Book is now available in paperback through Amazon CreateSpace! Here’s the link.

If you’re interested in an autographed copy, leave a comment and let me know. It’ll have to be a little more costly than the current $12 list price, since I’ll have to pay for the shipping myself; but I’ll keep the extra overhead as low as I possibly can. I don’t think my signature is that valuable, and anyway I can always afford to put off buying that beach villa with my fat royalty checks for another few months.

And as before, if you read the book and like it, please consider becoming a reviewer! My initial announcement post will be kept up to date with prices and ordering information for all available platforms.

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