Hear Me on Freethought Radio!

Over the weekend, I was interviewed by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor from the Freedom from Religion Foundation for their Freethought Radio show. That episode is now available for download and podcast, so if you’d like to hear me talk, give it a listen!

In the interview, we talk about my new book, Daylight Atheism, and several of the arguments advanced in it: including the basis of atheist morality, religion as a fossil fuel, the bad moral teachings of the Bible, and why atheism makes life valuable and precious. We also discussed my personal journey to atheism and what makes me so passionate about activism. It was a great interview, and I’ve long been a fan of Dan and Annie Laurie and the excellent work that FFRF does, so this was a real honor.

* * *

On an unrelated note, I mentioned last week that atheists raised $90,000 for three worthy secular organizations through the Chase Community Giving program. The staff members of those three groups – the Secular Student Alliance, Camp Quest, and the Foundation Beyond Belief – have just made a video to thank everyone who voted. I think this is better seen than described, because nothing I can say could do justice to it:

Image credit: FFRF

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