Last Chance to Help the SSA and Camp Quest Win $5 Million!

Here’s the summary of this post: If you have a Facebook account and just a few minutes of spare time, you can help some hardworking atheist organizations win tens of thousands of dollars! All it takes is a few clicks, and this is your last chance. If you’re willing to step up, please vote for Camp Quest here and vote for the Secular Student Alliance here.

And here’s the longer version: The Chase Community Giving program I wrote about earlier this month is still going on, but not for long. Voting closes at noon midnight tomorrow, September 19, U.S. Eastern time. When it’s over, $5 million in free, no-strings-attached money will be distributed among the competing charities according to whichever ones get the most Facebook votes.

As of this writing, two of our best groups are running strong: the Secular Student Alliance, with 3607 votes; and Camp Quest, with 1849 votes. Both of these organizations do fantastic work building the secular community, and they could really use this money. If you want to advance the cause of reason, please vote for them! The SSA is in the running for the $50,000 category, and needs your help to keep from slipping out; and Camp Quest is battling to stay in the $20,000 category. The more we can boost them, the better they’ll do. If you have a Facebook account, please use it and:

Vote for Camp Quest

Vote for the Secular Student Alliance

And if you’re willing to invest just a bit more time, you can do even more: if you share the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook, you get one extra vote, and if you bank with Chase, you can sign up for two extra votes!

Groups like these are the heartbeat of the secular community. For the SSA, this money could mean defending the right of students at a few more high schools to form their own atheist club, in the face of bullying by school administrators. For Camp Quest, it could mean hiring more counselors so that we can teach more kids about science and reason, rather than surrendering them to religious camps that fill their heads with superstition. If we want to see a brighter and more rational world, we have to show up and work for it. Rest assured, if we don’t turn out, the fundamentalists and the theocrats will! Don’t let them win! Cast your vote! Again, here are those links:

Vote for Camp Quest

Vote for the Secular Student Alliance

UPDATE (9/20): Thanks to everyone who voted!

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