Open Thread: Weekend Delurk & Self-Promotion

I’m putting up a post tomorrow about writing and the creative process, but on this crisp fall morning, I’ve been thinking more about the social aspect of the profession.

Although this blog gets thousands of visitors, only a tiny fraction of them ever comment. I understand why that is, and I accept it; I certainly don’t comment on every blog I read, either. Nevertheless, when I do meet readers, as I’ve had several opportunities to do, I’ve always found that they’re very cool people whose company I thoroughly enjoy. I’m always curious who else out there in the great wide world has stumbled across my little corner of cyberspace, especially the people who read regularly but don’t comment often.

So, for those who choose, let’s make this a weekend thread for delurking. If you’re not a regular commenter but would like to introduce yourself, here’s your opportunity. Where are you from, what do you do, and if you feel like telling us, what was it that first brought you to Daylight Atheism?

And while we’re at it, let’s make this a self-promotion thread too. If you write a blog, if you read an interesting book lately, or if you have some other fun or quirky hobby or event you want to talk about, tell the world!

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