Open Thread: What Religious Blogs Should I Read?

I’ve been looking at my RSS feed, and it’s almost all atheist and skeptical blogs. No surprise there, obviously – but I’m thinking it should be at least a little more diverse. In the name of not cutting myself off from other viewpoints, as well as finding out about interesting stories I might not otherwise have heard, I feel as though there should be at least a few religious blogs that I follow.

I read Slacktivist regularly, which is one of my favorite progressive Christian blogs. But I’m not looking solely for liberal religious writers – in fact, since I’m looking for a greater diversity of viewpoints, I’d prefer some who aren’t. They don’t have to be Christian, and they can be conservative, orthodox or even fundamentalist, just as long as they’re capable of basic sincerity and civility and have some reasonable degree of connection to reality. (No hellfire preachers or paranoid kooks, thanks; I can read Right Wing Watch for that.)

So, I’m asking the Internet hive mind. What religious blogs should I read? What are your recommendations?

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