Open Thread: What Religious Blogs Should I Read?

I’ve been looking at my RSS feed, and it’s almost all atheist and skeptical blogs. No surprise there, obviously – but I’m thinking it should be at least a little more diverse. In the name of not cutting myself off from other viewpoints, as well as finding out about interesting stories I might not otherwise have heard, I feel as though there should be at least a few religious blogs that I follow.

I read Slacktivist regularly, which is one of my favorite progressive Christian blogs. But I’m not looking solely for liberal religious writers – in fact, since I’m looking for a greater diversity of viewpoints, I’d prefer some who aren’t. They don’t have to be Christian, and they can be conservative, orthodox or even fundamentalist, just as long as they’re capable of basic sincerity and civility and have some reasonable degree of connection to reality. (No hellfire preachers or paranoid kooks, thanks; I can read Right Wing Watch for that.)

So, I’m asking the Internet hive mind. What religious blogs should I read? What are your recommendations?

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  • Danny

    I have a friend who shares a lot of posts from Rachel Held Evans. The quotes make her seem much more reasonable than many of the Christians I’ve known.

  • Nathaniel

    Try Bad Catholic if you want someone who is smart enough to use big words but dumb enough to still be really easy to fisk. This applies doubly if his post has something to do with sex.

  • Walter

    Three of my favorites are:

    The first blog is by the author of The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism. The second blog belongs to Victor Reppert, the author of C. S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason. And the third blog is by Randal Rauser, a Canadian theologian who co-authored God and Godless with John Loftus.

  • Walter

    The title of the book co-authored by Loftus and Rauser is God or Godless.

  • Neil Carter

    Yes. Held Evans for sure. Thoughtful writer inhabiting the border between Evangelical Christianity and, well…normal people.

  • Kubrick’s Rube

    I’d recommend Timothy Dalrymple’s blog Philosophical Fragments over on the Evangelical Channel. I think he’s wrong about pretty much everything, but somehow he’s wrong in a thoughtful way that- unlike the “hellfire preachers or paranoid kooks”- sometimes forces me to clarify and better defend my own views.

  • Paul

    Try, it’s run by Tom Gilson, who is pretty reasonable if mistaken sometimes, but watch out for commenter Holopupenko, he’s a piece of work.

  • Leum
  • cag

    Given that the christians have had nearly 2000 years to come up with real evidence for their beliefs, and failed spectacularly, it appears that an interest in recycling is necessary for anyone visiting religious blogs.

  • Paul Sunstone

    Adam, I’ve got two religious blogs that I think might interest you. First, there’s Dover Beach. It’s by a theologically conservative Episcopalian Priest who is nevertheless a social liberal. That is, he takes quite seriously the Judeo-Christian tradition of social justice, which is largely dead in the water today.

    Second, there’s a very erudite blog by an American lawyer who is exceptionally well-read in religion. It’s called Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

    Both authors are in some ways conservative and in some ways liberal, and neither seems to mindlessly follow his religion.

  • Lagerbaer

    @cag Well, I suppose that most religious blogs aren’t apologetic in nature. The truth of their belief is taken for granted and then used to discuss more timely problems such as them uppity women demanding access to contraception.

  • Verbose Stoic

    I find it very commendable that you would want to look at reading some religious blogs in order to get a better perspective. Unfortunately, even though you might think that as someone who is at least nominally religious I could give you some to read, I predominantly read atheist blogs, and so can’t really do that. Although I will note that I do read Edward Feser’s blog, as well as Unequally Yoked, which is now a religious blog.

    (I’d do the self-promotion thing and recommend my own blog, but I do more philosophy and video games and such than actual religion, although I have started examining “Sophisticated Theology”).

  • FormerHACgirl

    Peter Enns is very good, as is Dianna E. Anderson. Sarah Over the Moon often has a good perspective. If you have a fundamental or Baptist background, Stuff Fundies Like is hilarious.

  • Dguy

    Well, if you want the more fundamentalist side of the spectrum, there is

    a blog I read sometimes just to see how things look through the looking glass. The thing I find fascinating about this one is that the author is not stupid, in fact actually quite smart and pretty well written, but is in the position of having to defend impossible things because of his religion.

    The blog is mostly about the errors of liberal Christians, and the supposed failings of any science that doesn’t support his reading of the Bible. He’s a strict YEC….so I don’t know if this qualifies as having a “reasonable degree of connection to reality” or not.

  • Hilary

    For anything Jewish, I just found PunkTorah, and like it so far. Feminist, GLBT friendly, steam punk Judaism.

    A good Judaism 101 info website is It’s by an Orthodox guy, pretty standard traditional opinions on women and GLBT issues, but still a good basic website to double check information. Since most athiests come out of Christianity, and most Christians and athiests don’t know much (like anything) detailed about Judaism unless they’ve deliberatly studied it, you might spend some time just learning over there. Consider that Jews don’t belive in Original Sin, and we don’t believe everybody non-Jewish is going to hell.

    A good comparison from Orthodox Judaism is Reform, the liberal denomination. Here’s the Union for Reform Judasim website, with a list of blogs as well. Apparently the URJ is in the process of setting up a Jewish Science summer camp, pretty cool.

    I second Rachel Held Evens for the cutting edge of Evangelical Christianity.


  • arensb

    Most of the religious blogs in my RSS reader fall into the “point and laugh at the fools” category, like Eric Hovind’s Creation Today, or Bill Donohue’s spittle-flecked collection of perceived slights, the Catholic League. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze often covers the same stories as Hemant Mehta does, but from a theist’s perspective; and the comments usually confirm my worst stereotypes about right-wing religious people.

    On the somewhat more thoughtful end of the spectrum, Uncommon Descent is an Intelligent Design creationism site, and while they’re slowly approaching total irrelevancy, and mainly complain about evolution, once in a blue moon they’ll post an argument for creationism that takes more than 30 seconds to debunk.

    The Washington Post’s On Faith section showcases views from a wide variety of religious perspectives, and even when the apologetics are transparently pathetic, at least all the words are spelled correctly. And they allow comments.

    Every so often, I’ll pop over to Edward Feser’s site, usually to see if he has written anything about Jerry Coyne. But Feser seems constitutionally unable to write concisely, and his main argument seems to be “I use big words and drop big names, therefore I’m right.”

  • Loren Petrich

    Some blogs with apologetic arguments:
    Metacrock’s Blog – J.L. Hinman’s blog
    Christ the Tao – David Marshall’s blog

    For Metacrock, be prepared for his misspellings — he has dyslexia.

  • Neil Rickert

    For another liberal blog, I suggest Exploring Our Matrix.

    For a more theological orientation, try Peter Enns – rethinking biblical christianity.

    For truly off the wall crazy, you could try Faith’s Corner.

  • Marcion

    For the white male evangelical christian persecution complex in its purest form, I reccomend Timothy Dalrymple over on the evangelical channel here at Patheos.

    Conservative christian arguments (usually about the omnipresent threat of gay abortions, but sometimes about how god totally supports the right wing talking points of the day) also pop up from time to time on National Review, if you can stomach reading a right wing tabloid. For example, they recently ran an article about how the bible is against gun control.

    Said article was written by David French, also on the evangelical channel. The entire evangelical section at patheos seems to be a good place to get a look at the fascinating intersection between evangelical christianity and american conservatism.

  • GCT

    That is, he takes quite seriously the Judeo-Christian tradition of social justice, which is largely dead in the water today.

    Has there been any time in the last 2000 years where it wasn’t dead in the water?

  • Gary in FL

    I see Rachel Held Evans and Peter Enns have already been mentioned multiple times.
    For a more conservative blog, tilting strongly Lutheran, may I suggest “Cranach: the Blog of Veith” @

    For an interesting look at folks who are trying to heal from the abuses of Baptist Fundamentalism (but most his blog’s readers and commenters remain sincere Christians with a sense of humor) try
    My own podcast is called “Radical Grace,” and you can find it on iTunes or by surfing to

  • Carson Weitnauer

    I”m really glad to see Timothy Dalrymple, Tom Gilson, and David Marshall mentioned. I have great respect for all of them. You might also enjoy some other apologists’ blogs: Holly Ordway’s blog (, Apologetics U.K. (, Apologetics315 (, Sarah Abbey (, and Eric Chabot ( I write at You should do a post on best atheist blogs too!

  • Meleah

    I think some people mentioned them before but I would definitely recommend Bad Catholic and Unequally Yoked. Just interesting reads all around, you might find yourself laughing but I always find that happens when I read other people’s viewpoints. :)

  • Tracsar

    I highly recommend The Wild Hunt for a Pagan perspective. It’s a great news aggregator and also covers a lot of issues that may be of great interest to those folks interested in church/state separation issues, but from a slightly different perspective.

    Also, Teo Bishop’s blog Bishop in the Grove is really well thought out and contemplative look at Druidism and other issues for how it relates to nature based practice/spirituality.

  • Carson Weitnauer

    One other (group) blog: The Gospel Coalition (

  • Bdole

    “they recently ran an article about how the bible is against gun control.”
    If the Bible actually, ACTUALLY did speak specifically on automatic vs semi- or computerized background checking, I might believe in it. Another divine opportunity missed.
    btw, I literally L’edOL when I read that.

  • Richard T

    Scot McKnight over at is worth a look. And I’ll +1 for Enns and Dalrymple.

  • Jim

    Though I read many “religion” blogs that I enjoy, here’s one of my favorites:
    While I’m here, thanks for Daylight Atheism, one of my favorite regular reads.

  • CelticLight

    I like Andrew Cohen – a spiritualist