The Twitter Report: A Thing of Beauty

The blogger Geoff Ó Laoidhléis is apparently some kind of Twitter detective. I enjoyed his post from December exposing a “pro-life atheist” organization as a probable astroturf group, by observing that the vast majority of their Twitter followers weren’t atheists at all, but Catholics. More recently, he performed the same analysis on an alleged gay pro-life group.

Earlier today, I heard from Geoff on Twitter, with an offer to analyze my followers list – this time, for purely aesthetic purposes – by creating a word cloud of the most frequent words in their biographies. I took him up on that, and I think the result is gorgeous:

(Click for full size.)

Isn’t it amazing what technology can do?

Not only is this picture pretty, I’m very pleasantly surprised by how well it reflects my personality and my interests – even though it’s data about my followers and not about me specifically! I must be doing something right for there to be so many cool and interesting people who care about my 140-character random musings. If you want to help make an even bigger and more colorful word cloud, you can always follow me yourself.

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