Friday Night Music: The Duke Spirit

Here’s a little music for your Friday night, courtesy of one of my favorite bands, The Duke Spirit. It’s English rock with a touch of blues and soul, fronted by lead singer Liela Moss, who’s got one of those classic, timeless voices that sounds like it would fit in any decade. They’ve put out three albums so far, so I’ll give you one of the best tracks from each.

From Cuts Across the Land (2005):

From Neptune (2008):

From Bruiser (2011):

What songs have been running through your head this week?

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  • Tom Stewart

    You probably already know of them, but, just in case, I think you’d like Metric – Toronto’s finest.

    Try, for example, And thanks for the heads up on the Duke Spirit.

  • Adam Lee

    Yes! Metric is one of my favorites – I loved their new album, Synthetica. They may appear in another post like this at some point. :)

  • MNb

    For an old geezer like me (1963) it’s so fun to tell youngsters they are just softies …..
    Here is some good old a*s kicking for you from Northern Ireland/Ulster, albeit recorded in England too. The first notes are like Beethoven going punk: