Friday Night Music: Metric

It’s Friday night and I’m feeling pretty good, so let’s toast the weekend with another of my favorites, the Canadian indie-rock band Metric. I like their older albums too, but the two most recent are far and away the best, so here’s one from each.

From Fantasies (2009):

From Synthetica (2012):

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  • Nes

    Last time around the only song I really had was Amy, which is by the hardly unknown Green Day. I haven’t picked up ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, or ¡Tré! (not a typo: it’s a reference to band member Tré Cool) yet, so I hadn’t heard it before hearing it on The Current. Apparently, it’s a tribute to Amy Winehouse, whose name I had heard but I knew nothing else about; I had assumed that she was an actor!

    Since then, I’ve heard snippets at work of a few more that I really like. One is Shameless (NSFW: this version is uncensored) by Lissie. Every other song I checked was pretty good as well, and she does some amazing covers.

    There was also Two Fingers by Jake Bugg. I checked out a few others by him and they seem to be kind of hit or miss.

    Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding some of the others. I didn’t note the day and time so I could look them up on The Current’s playlist later, and I’m bad at remembering the lyrics to look them up that way.