Weekend Coffee: May 26


• Presenting the inaugural Patheos Atheists Blog Carnival! Dan Fincke has put together a list of some of the best recent writing from all of us. Go check it out!

• From the Department of You Can’t Make This Up: earlier this week, the pope made a surprisingly ecumenical comment about how even atheists can be good people. A Vatican spokesman then issued a follow-up in which he clarified that, just in case there was any doubt, we’re still going to hell.

• After the ridiculousness of Ron Lindsay at WiS2 last week, I was very happy to see David Silverman, president of American Atheists, issue a robust defense of feminism on Twitter against the pro-harassment trolls. I made a donation to American Atheists to thank him; I hope you’ll consider it too.

• On that note, the organization Secular Woman has written an essay on how your point of view isn’t the default. This should be required reading for all old-white-guy atheist leaders.

• The Boy Scouts voted this week to lift the ban on gay members, though not the ban on gay troop leaders. It’s not equality, but it’s a good step. Given the strong influence of right-wing churches on the BSA, I was pleasantly surprised that they did even this much. And the epic tantrum of religious bigots was a glorious thing to behold:

Help the Foundation Beyond Belief respond to the devastating Oklahoma tornado. Don’t forget, there are atheists who live there too!

• And lastly, if you’ve still got money burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse than to help out this Kickstarter making a film about Jerry DeWitt, the one-time Pentecostal preacher who became an atheist. I’ve seen Jerry speak, and he’s a brave and principled person who deserves our support.

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Weekend Bonus Music: Hard Believer
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  • GCT

    Did the pope really claim that atheists can be good people? That’s not how I read it. I read it more as, “I’m here doing good things, Catholics are doing good things, it’s up to you atheists and non-Catholics to come meet us here doing our good things.” He never defines what makes something “good” however, which would presumably include belief in his god and his pronouncements. It’s more double speak from the Vatican and insult laced in religious privilege.

  • http://bigthink.com/blogs/daylight-atheism Adam Lee

    Yeah, it’s not clear exactly what he meant to convey. I think the Vatican has discovered the political advantages of speaking in vague deepities that everyone can read their own preferred interpretation into. But at least one possible reading is that atheists can be saved by doing good works, which is what their spokesman subsequently felt the need to quash.