Women in Secularism Speakers’ Letter to CFI Board

In the aftermath of the unfortunate introduction at Women in Secularism 2, a group of speakers have written and signed a joint letter to the Center for Inquiry’s board of directors, detailing their objections to Ron Lindsay’s offensive remarks and what they’re asking the board to do.

I highly recommend reading the full text of the letter, which was posted by Stephanie Zvan and also by Greta Christina, two of the speakers that signed it. I expect it will appear on other speakers’ blogs as well.

As Greta says, if you’d like to express your own thoughts on what happened, the CFI Board of Directors can be emailed via the Corporate Secretary, Tom Flynn, at tflynn@centerforinquiry.net. They can also be reached by snail mail, at:

Center for Inquiry Board of Directors
PO Box 741
Amherst, NY 14226-0741

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