Friday Night Music: Of Monsters and Men

New York has been sweltering under an unrelenting heat wave this entire week, so to keep comfortable, we should all be trying to think cold thoughts. And I’ve got something that might help: hailing from godless Iceland, a video by Of Monsters and Men, an oddly named band whose musical genre is best described as half Scandinavian power metal, half traditional skaldic folksongs. It’s a strange combination, but when it works, it really works.

I also like this group because it’s one of the few times where I can legitimately say I liked a band before they were cool – I found out about this album last summer, and in the last few months, it’s started getting exposure on the radio.

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  • Lagerbaer

    I wouldn’t say that the song above (which I relly like) has any power metal elements in it, to be honest. There’s no distorted/overdriven guitar, no double-base drum and no keyboard string orchestra sounds.

  • DavidMHart

    Awww, they’re not singing in Icelandic. Such an eldritch language.

    I was hoping for something deep norse.
    Like this, maybe :-)

  • CharlesInSoCal

    “Mountain Sound” and “King and Lionheart” are pretty cool too.

  • Pondoro

    Excellent album, although I remember they made the radio here (west coast canada) last summer.

  • Adam Lee

    Yup! “Six Weeks” is another of my favorites that hasn’t been released as a single yet.

  • Adam Lee

    Fair enough. I thought power metal was defined by symphonic and fantasy elements.

  • Dianne

    Adam, thanks for turning me & my nephew (I’m 60, he’s 22)on to this group. I loved the video! I even sent your post w/ the video to my cousins in France too, and they loved it.

  • CharlesInSoCal

    Of Monsters and Men had 3 of the KROQ top 50 of 2013. And that didn’t even include K&L…