Midweek Miscellany

• On Monday, I was on episode 3 of Ashley Miller’s web show/podcast, along with her FTB co-blogger Kate Donovan, to discuss sterilization of prisoners in California, The Lone Ranger, and mental illness. Here’s the YouTube link – check it out. (Yes, I know, I was harder to hear than everyone else. I need to fix my microphone settings for next time.)

• We have two new atheist bloggers here on Patheos! Go say hello to Creative Atheist and Rock Beyond Belief.

• And if you’d like to help advance the cause of science, there’s a research project underway at the University of North Dakota:

As part of my dissertation, I am trying investigate the degree to which Atheist identifying individuals experience discrimination in their day to day lives. My hope is that the project can provide some answers as to what can help our society reduce the discrimination and marginalization of non-religious identifying groups.

You can help contribute to the data pool by taking an anonymous survey. If you’re interested in participating, here’s the link!

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