Open Thread: Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

So, I have a teaser: I’m nearly ready to unveil a big, exciting project – you’ll all find out about it soon. And since I haven’t done one of these threads in a while, it seems only fair to offer others the opportunity as well.

This is an open thread for the purposes of self-promotion. Do you have a blog or a Twitter you’d like to publicize, a Kickstarter project you’d like to promote, or a worthy cause you’d like to encourage others to support? Post in the comments and tell us all about it! And if you’d like, feel free to speculate wildly about the nature of my upcoming announcement.

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  • Alex Gabriel

    I’d like to promote The Apostasy Project: it’s a UK initiative run by the Rationalist Association to provide community and support for people leaving their religions. – they’re fundraising right now (link to the JustGiving page is at that link) and any monetary support/additional exposure anyone can give them would be amazing.

  • Bill Boehm

    I’d like to promote the charity I started a few years ago: It’s a cool way for people to donate old unwanted CDs and DVDs and 100% of the money goes to the SPCA. Recycle and help animals at the same time!

  • Space Blizzard

    I’d like to promote my totally frivolous blog where I review games, books, movies and bad fantasy novels:

  • Sabio Lantz

    OK, I’ll take a guess at your project:
    Rent an Atheist:
    An on-line service where Christians can rent a docile, searching-atheist to take to their church service. This will give fellow Christians an image of you as open, cool and influential. It’s only a one day thing, because most Atheists can’t keep their mouths shut for more than a day.

    Look cool, look influential — seem like you are right on the edge of bringing an Atheist to Jesus!

    Am I close?

  • Fractal Heretic

    In my latest blog entry, “God Does Not Forgive”, I make the outrageous claim that the Christian God never actually forgives anyone, even according to Christians’ own dogma. Find out why!

  • Ubi Dubium

    I did a recent blog post on the question: “If there actually were a god, and I could fire him and take over, what would I do differently?”

    (This has also been published on

  • Adam Lee

    Hehehe, good guess! Not quite, but I just may do that as a side project. ;)

    Anyone else want to take a guess?

  • ramenneedles

    Gordon Maples and I are starting a video series to give advice to SSA affiliate leaders! Our first video is about group starting and group transitioning tonight. :D

  • koreypeters

    Well, better late than never.

    Pro Omnibus ( is a crowd-sourced, member-run auditing corporation in the vein of LEED and the National Forestry Council.

    The members vote on audit criteria and then we audit corporations and politicians who want to display our certifications. Our members then have an easy time of knowing what to buy and who to vote for, and get points and compete in leagues as a bonus!. Because it’s all open and community driven, we can be sure that the certifications we care about (for example, carbon footprint or ethical labor conditions) will be audited.

    The smartphone allows a world full of whistle blowers. Together we can rein in excesses of corporations and politicians.

    Still very much “just starting out”, but everyone’s contributions are welcome. A better website will be coming soon. Thanks!

  • koreypeters

    This is a fantastic blog entry. I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook in a few days. Great work!