Dark Heart Now Available on Smashwords!

Dark Heart Cover

You asked for it, and I delivered: my first novel, Dark Heart, is now available on the Smashwords site in EPUB, PDF and a couple of other formats, supporting all e-readers other than Amazon Kindle. (Actually, you can buy a Kindle version from there too if you want.)

Here’s the link:


Because of an odd policy of Smashwords’ requiring all prices to end with 0.99, I set the price there at $4.99 rather than $5. So, if you want to buy a Kindle copy from there rather than Amazon, you’ll save yourself the grand total of one cent. Exciting!

Also, although I posted the first three chapters for free online, Smashwords has its own free sample that’s just a bit longer than that. So, if you need a little extra persuasion before you make up your mind, now you’ve got it. Happy reading – and if you download it and like it, please consider writing a review!

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