Friday Night Music: Janelle Monae

I don’t know a lot about R&B or hip-hop, but I know what I like, and since discovering Janelle Monáe a few weeks ago I’ve been well and truly addicted.

In any case, Monáe is almost impossible to pigeonhole. R&B is only the broadest description of her music, which spans a wide variety of styles – jazz, classical, ’70s-esque funk, and more – and all in the service of a science fiction concept story, spanning multiple albums, about a messianic android on the run from the dystopian future society that created her.

She’s a brilliant musician, a proudly knowledgeable sci-fi nerd, a fervent opponent of rigid gender roles – and holy damn, this woman can dance. It’s the complete package!

That's still a compliment - for the customers.

Evangelical Christians Embrace White ...
"I’m pleased to see a backlash growing."I wish I could say the same about my native country, The Netherlands.

Evangelical Christians Embrace White ...
Considering where they claim to get their morals from, I find nothing surprising in the evangelical fascist actions.

Evangelical Christians Embrace White ...
"The CEOs of household-name businesses like 3M, JPMorgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Intel and others all followed ..."

Evangelical Christians Embrace White ...
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