Interview on the Nick Givas Radio Show

Tomorrow night, January 23rd, I’ll be appearing on the Nick Givas Radio Show out of Fairfield University, together with my friend/debate partner Andrew Murtagh, to debate God’s existence, politics and all that other fun stuff.

This is a followup to our debate at the Midtown Scholar last month, so if you wanted to come to that and couldn’t, here’s your second chance. The host, Nick Givas, is the chairman of the Connecticut Union of College Republicans (and has been described as “conservative with a libertarian flair”), so I’m guessing I’ll be stepping into the lion’s den!

The show is from 8:00 PM EST until 9:30. You’ll be able to listen live on the radio or over the Internet, submit live questions through the webpage, or call in. I’m told the show will be recorded and the recording will be made available for download afterward, so I’ll post a link when it’s available. But if you can listen live – or call in with some words of support – that’d be even better!

WHAT: “God and Politics”, radio interview on the Nick Givas Radio Show
WHEN & WHERE: January 23, 2014, 8 PM EST-9:30 PM EST

To listen on the radio:
WVOF 88.5 FM, Fairfield University area

To stream over the Internet

To send in live questions or comments:

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  • GCT

    If you’ve been following the comments at the “debate” blog, you’ll notice that Mr. Murtagh seems to rely quite heavily on a god of the gaps argument. Others have tried to pin him down on how religion answers the questions that he keeps throwing at naturalism and he continually side-steps and never actually offers any answers. He also conflates atheism and naturalism.

    Some other areas to touch on may include the fact that he thinks that there’s tons of historical evidence for Jesus. He’s also quite enamored with the cosmological argument and even goes so far as to claim that the universe itself is evidence of god.