Support Bowl-a-Thon 2016


As long as reproductive choice is under threat in the United States, there’ll be a need for the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon.

This year, the stakes are especially high, as Catholic hospitals continue to deny critical care to pregnant and miscarrying women, and the Supreme Court will soon hear a case over a dreadful, bad-faith law that effectively end abortion access for most of Texas – and even with the absence of Antonin Scalia, there’s no guarantee of how they’ll rule.

We can’t do much as individuals to put an end to injustices like these, but one thing we can do is donate to help women whose only obstacle to exercising their choice is the ability to pay. This year, Feminist Coffee Hour is raising money for this good cause, and I’m proud to support them.

Please contribute if you can! You can give through this link:

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