Militant Atheism?

By Jennifer Filipowicz (aka Super Happy Jen)I posted this a while ago on my blog.  This morning it occurred to me that it belongs here.The other day I was at dinner with my family when my mother refered to me as a militant atheist. It bothered me. One because she waited until I was out of the room to say it (possibly to avoid a theological discussion). But really it was the word "militant". To me this describes someone who is agressive in forcing people into their way of thinking, maybe even … [Read more...]

What I Will Teach My Children

By Jennifer Filipowicz (aka Super Happy Jen) “What will you teach your children?”  This was a question posed to me when I recently wore an atheist t-shirt to a child’s birthday party.   What a broad question, thought I, and not knowing quite how to answer, it stuck with me.Today my three-and-a-half-year-old found a fly buzzing around my bedroom.  “When flies are outside we don’t kill them but when they come inside we have to kill them!” he exclaimed.“Or we could just live and let live,” I r … [Read more...]