Friday Night Music: A Deeper Understanding

The new album from The War on Drugs is really good. It strikes just the right balance between up-tempo and dreamy, to mellow me out without putting me to sleep. It’s great music to listen to while writing or coding: Read more

The Fountainhead: Sexual Selection

The peacock’s tail, the lion’s mane, and classical buildings. Read more

A Reading List on Implicit Bias: Race

One of the first posts I ever wrote for Daylight Atheism, “On Presuppositions”, discusses how implicit prejudices about race and gender influence our actions – even among people who don’t consciously endorse those prejudices. The post discussed the famous Implicit Association Test, which shows among other things that the vast majority of people take less time to link positive concepts with whites and negative concepts with African-Americans than to do the opposite. The IAT is one demonstration of how these… Read more

Can the Courts Make You Pretend To Be Religious?

As much as we might depend on the courts to enforce our rights, those courts are staffed by human beings, and they can get it badly wrong just like anyone else. Read more

Photo Sunday: Open House

Since I’m reviewing The Fountainhead, I thought this was highly appropriate to photograph. It’s an art exhibit in Central Park called Open House, consisting of baroque concrete chairs, sofas and arches that are duplicates of those that once adorned a famous Gilded Age ballroom. Ayn Rand’s modernist hero Howard Roark, with his insistence that anything but completely new and original architecture is a blight on the earth, would have hated this on sight – especially since it’s meant as a… Read more

The Fountainhead: The Customer Is Always Wrong

The way to be an individualist is to do exactly what I tell you. Read more

The Dying of White Christian America

As white Christians die off and the country becomes more diverse and more secular, America’s demographics are decoupling from our national mythology. Read more

Love is Gravity

Written for my son’s first birthday Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on why I chose to have a child. I realize this sounds backwards. To make the decision first and then subsequently come up with reasons for it smacks of after-the-fact rationalization. However, in my case, I’m convinced it’s an accurate description of what happened. Make no mistake, parenthood wasn’t something we jumped into without preparation. Elizabeth and I thought about it a lot,… Read more

The Fountainhead: Mad Men

Advertising: it works. Read more

Coming Soon

If you’ve been reading Daylight Atheism for a while, you may remember my dialogue with Andrew Murtagh, an offbeat philosophically inclined Christian, that took place in 2014 and 2015. I’m happy to announce that it’s going to become a book! The working title is Meta: On God, the Big Questions, and the Just City. It’s being published by Cascade Books, an imprint of the Oregon publishing house Wipf & Stock, devoted to “books that combine academic rigor with broad appeal… Read more

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