Has the Atheist Movement Lost Its Way?

The crude and bigoted behavior of high-profile atheists is real, but it’s not the whole story. Read more

Friday Night Music: Halsey

When you want music to fit the mood of the country, Halsey delivers with R&B-influenced dystopian synth-pop. Here’s one of the better songs from her new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom: What have you been listening to lately? Read more

The Fountainhead: Roark the Groucho

He won’t join any club that would have him as a member. Read more

Letter-Writing Wednesday: The Anti-Anti-Boycott Act

[I sent a copy of this letter to all my congressional representatives.] Dear Senator/Representative: As an American citizen with Jewish ancestry, I’m writing to oppose the Israel Anti-Boycott Act now being considered by Congress. I’m asking you not to co-sponsor this bill and to vote against it if it comes up. As written, this bill criminalizes cooperating with any international initiative to boycott Israel, or even requesting information about such boycotts, under a potential penalty of 20 years in prison…. Read more

Earth to Earth

It feels good to close the loop. Read more

SF/F Saturday: Women Can Be Doctors Too

It’s about time to introduce some diversity to another classic series. Read more

The Fountainhead: Work for Hire

Rand skips over what could’ve been a genuine and realistic obstacle for her hero to face. Read more

Down With Education!

The GOP’s newfound hatred for higher education is the culmination of a trend that’s been in progress for decades. Read more

The Twilight of ISIS

If this doesn’t represent progress, it’s at least the precondition for all future progress to be made. Read more

The Fountainhead: Job-Hopper

Serves you right for taking a chance on hiring me. Read more