Freedom is costly, but it’s getting harder and harder for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to shut the world out. Read more

All of Rand’s characters can be categorized based on physical appearance, and one of her villains figures this out. Read more

The generation after the Millennials will be the first to grow up in a world where Christianity wasn’t the dominant cultural power. Read more

The real villain of this story is the Mormon church, which indoctrinates people with the false and harmful idea that every person should fit into the same mold. Read more

Roark and Dominique’s relationship is violent, in every sense of the word. Read more

[I sent a copy of this letter to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.] Dear Senator: I’m writing to thank you for holding the line on the government shutdown. This was an object lesson in how progressives can win: by having the courage to resist a deeply unpopular president and a congressional majority whose agenda is despised by a majority of Americans. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but by any reasonable measure, this vote was a win. We reopened the federal… Read more

In a chaotic universe, kindness is the only lighthouse we have. Read more

• Obligatory self-promotion: My new book Meta: On God, the Big Questions, and the Just City, an atheist/Christian dialogue written together with Andrew Murtagh, is now available on Amazon Kindle. Check it out! We’re also planning a book tour with speaking events to be announced soon, so stay tuned. • If you’re an atheist who cares about making the world a better place, you should consider attending the American Humanist Association’s Secular Social Justice convention, to be held in April… Read more

The Roark building collapse that didn’t happen, but should have. Read more

A modern-day defense of a long-ago outrage illustrates the Catholic church’s drift toward illiberalism. Read more

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