Children’s rights don’t cease to exist just because they’re not equipped to exercise them. Read more

It’s jarring to see a writer of Jewish ancestry using elements of propaganda rooted in the genocidal fantasies of the Third Reich. Read more

Like me, you may be feeling discouraged by the latest wave of bad news about prominent figures in the secular community. But I also believe we can’t let their misdeeds be the last word. If we want to see a better atheist movement, one that takes diversity and social justice seriously, then we have to do more than criticize foolish or bigoted statements made by the current crop of atheist “thought leaders”. (I’ve come to wonder if even rebutting the… Read more

If you won’t stand up for the things you believe when it comes to the testing point, you have only yourself to blame if people conclude that you never meant any of it. Read more

Any day when Janelle Monáe announces a new album is a good day. Any day when she promotes that album by releasing not one, but two videos – one a sultry Prince-inspired love song, one a defiant black power anthem – is even better: And yes, that first video is the one that taught me the term “bisexual lighting”. Just sayin’. Read more

You’ll need a cold shower after getting an eyeful of all that hot, wet concrete and stiff rebar. Read more

Debunking a claim that genetic evidence verifies a relationship between native Americans and ancient Israelites. Read more

The downfall of Lawrence Krauss, and how atheists have rejected the unfounded claims of religion but kept the form of its governance. Read more

Compassion as an act of evil; sex as an act of violence. Read more

Unfortunately, this should come as no surprise. The Senate did take up immigration, and the Democrats went further than I would have wanted, even offering money for Trump’s ludicrous border wall in exchange for legal status for the Dreamers. But that compromise failed because the White House also demanded huge cuts in legal immigration as a condition of any deal. That absurd demand was enough to destroy any possibility of a bargain. As Chris Hayes put it: 1) The President… Read more

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