The Fountainhead: Hooray for Unions

A particularly stark example of how Ayn Rand’s political views changed over time. Read more

The Pro-Slavery History of the Southern Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention has scarcely begun to reckon with its ugly history. Read more

On the Reciprocity of Compassion

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The Fountainhead: American Eclectic

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Is Belief in Hell Inherently Hateful?

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FGM: An American Problem

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The Fountainhead: New York, New York

Why do the good guys love a city built by evil classical architects? Read more

Letter-Writing Wednesday: The Problem of Religious Pharmacists

One of my earliest blog posts was about right-wing pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions on religious grounds. It’s still a problem. This week, I read this story of a Walgreens in New Mexico whose pharmacist refused to fill a woman’s prescription for misoprostol. It’s a common drug for stomach ulcers, but it also relaxes the cervix, which makes it useful for abortion, for inducing birth, or for preparing for an IUD insertion. You get one guess which of those… Read more

Dystopia Journal #6: Paris Burning

If our descendants curse us, they’ll have good reason. Read more

The Fountainhead: As Long As It’s Black

The client’s wishes count, assuming it’s what I wanted to do anyway. Read more