Universal Utilitarianism in the Brave New World

You can’t change the moral calculus by keeping people ignorant of how their lives will be affected by what you do. Read more

Dystopia Journal #8: The Return of American Fascism

White supremacists are giving up their pretenses and resorting to terrorist violence. Read more

Open Thread: New Site Design

The Patheos technical elves have been hard at work while I was away, and this week they unveiled a new site design for all the blogs, including Daylight Atheism. They’re still ironing out the fine details, so here’s an open thread for feedback. Have you noticed any bugs or browser incompatibilities? Any changes you particularly like or dislike? I’ll convey all comments to the powers that be. Read more

The Fountainhead: Machines for Living

You can’t build houses that are good for people if you don’t understand people. Read more

Repost: Another Day, Another Dragon

[This post originally appeared in February 2012. My opinion of Richard Dawkins has changed somewhat since I wrote it, although what I said about his book is still true.] Some days, I hate writing about atheism. I want to tell you why. Two weeks ago, I was watching a PBS show called Inside Nature’s Giants, about a team of biologists dissecting a sperm whale that died after beaching itself on a British coast (this involved heavy machinery and a chain… Read more

Repost: People of Light and Darkness

[This post originally appeared in July 2012.] The big news this week is that the Large Hadron Collider, the massive particle accelerator at the European physics lab CERN, has apparently discovered the elusive and long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, which explains why other particles have mass. The hunt for the Higgs has consumed decades of effort by physicists all over the world, and its discovery fills in one of the last missing pieces of the wildly successful theoretical… Read more

Weekend Coffee: August 6

I’m on vacation this week in Vermont, taking in some green mountains and cultural liberalism, so there’ll be reposts on Monday and Wednesday. In the meantime, here are some links for your reading pleasure: • Upholding the integrity of the secular community requires that we not turn a blind eye when credible allegations of unethical behavior are made against one of our own. To that end, please see these two posts by Kevin Davis of Patheos’ Secular Voices blog, concerning… Read more

The Fountainhead: Architectosexual

Roark’s real-life inspiration was a bad structural engineer who thought he was a good one. Read more

The Short Life of Charlie Gard

Sometimes love means a dignified surrender, rather than waging a futile war against the unavoidable or clinging to the false hope of delusion. Read more

Has the Atheist Movement Lost Its Way?

The crude and bigoted behavior of high-profile atheists is real, but it’s not the whole story. Read more

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