The Mythicist Milwaukee Debacle

When secular groups give a platform to the worst people, it makes all atheists look like bigots and hypocrites. Read more

Mark Driscoll and the Christian Cult of Toxic Masculinity

Let’s all say hello to a new neighbor. Read more

The Fountainhead: Who Moves the World?

Ayn Rand seems to have forgotten who’s the heroic creator and who’s the second-hander. Read more

What I’ll Teach My Son After Las Vegas

What we can teach our children about tragedy, and what we can learn from them in return. Read more

It’s Never the Right Time to Protest

Apologists for the status quo will always come up with excuses for why this is the wrong time, or the wrong method of protest, or the wrong people to raise the banner of change. Read more

The Fountainhead: Americans with Disabilities

A house that my elderly family members can get around in? Who cares about that? Read more

Helping Ex-Mormons Quit the Church

The LDS church’s creepy and obsessive policy of pursuing former members, and what the ex-Mormon community is doing to put a stop to it. Read more

Dystopia Journal #9: Stormy Weather

I thought the 2017 hurricane season – which isn’t over yet – was already much worse than usual, and the records confirm it. It’s only the sixth year since records have been kept that more than one Category 5 hurricane formed, and only the second year that more than one made landfall at Category 5 strength. First, Hurricane Harvey swamped the Texas coast (and made Joel Osteen shut his doors to the displaced). Then Hurricane Irma wiped out the island… Read more

Friday Night Music: A Deeper Understanding

The new album from The War on Drugs is really good. It strikes just the right balance between up-tempo and dreamy, to mellow me out without putting me to sleep. It’s great music to listen to while writing or coding: Read more

The Fountainhead: Sexual Selection

The peacock’s tail, the lion’s mane, and classical buildings. Read more

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