The Fountainhead: Serpent’s Tooth

The author has no interest in explaining why her characters are the way they are. Read more

Repost: Epicurus’ World

The story goes that the renowned physicist Richard Feynman was once asked to summarize the most important finding of modern science in a single sentence. Feynman replied, “The universe is made of atoms.” Although there are many other scientific discoveries that are arguably of equal importance, Feynman’s choice makes a lot of sense. The discovery of atoms is so familiar to us that it’s easy to overlook its breathtaking significance. We know, at the smallest scale where it still makes… Read more

Repost: “Choose Faith in Spite of the Facts”

I usually don’t think it’s worth beating up on the purveyors of popular evangelical feel-goodism, for the same reason I don’t get in boxing matches with life-size Jell-O sculptures. But I had to make an exception for this tweet from human tooth-whitening strip Joel Osteen: The facts may tell you one thing. But, God is not limited by the facts. Choose faith in spite of the facts.— Joel Osteen (@JoelOsteen) November 26, 2014 Osteen is most famous for his surgically… Read more

Weekend Coffee: July 2

I’m going on vacation for the July 4 holiday, so I’m planning to run some reposts this week. There will be a new Fountainhead post on Friday, because I love you all that much. In the meantime, here are some amusing stories: • First up, please enjoy meeting Skylar Ittner, a young more-Catholic-than-the-Pope ultra-fundamentalist. His private Catholic college expelled him – for putting up unauthorized anti-gay posters all over campus, and then being extremely hostile and defiant toward campus administrators… Read more

The Fountainhead: Bizarro Ayn Rand

She am hold opposite opinions of real Objectivist! Read more

The Gap

Maybe dreaming of saving the world is too grand an ambition. Read more

The Online Atheist Community: Still Terrible

If we’re just replicating the tribal behavior we decry when religious believers engage in it, then the atheist movement is worthless. Read more

The Fountainhead: Hooray for Unions

A particularly stark example of how Ayn Rand’s political views changed over time. Read more

The Pro-Slavery History of the Southern Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention has scarcely begun to reckon with its ugly history. Read more

On the Reciprocity of Compassion

When does compassion take us further from a better world? Read more

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