[A copy of this letter was sent to letters@nytimes.com.] To the Editor: I was appalled to read, in the New York Times of all places, a story whose message appears to be that Nazis are ordinary people just like you and me. The piece consists of a soft-focus profile of a white nationalist man in Ohio who’s devoted his life to spreading hate, but who nevertheless gets praised with lines like “his Midwestern manners would please anyone’s mother”. (Does the… Read more

It’s disappointing and enraging to see how many men, including many allegedly feminist men, stand revealed as creeps and hypocrites. Read more

The most infamously misogynist scene in all of Ayn Rand’s work. Read more

I wrote in September about the forthcoming publication of my book with Andrew Murtagh, Meta: On God, the Big Questions, and the Just City (An Uncommon Exchange). Today, I have a further announcement: I’m pleased to unveil the cover art! If you’d like to read my original posts with Andrew, they’re here – but the book will have revised and expanded versions, as well as significant new material. You can also read my answers to questions by Catholic commenters at… Read more

There’s nothing they won’t tolerate, just as long as the guy responsible is on “our team”. Read more

Geology: surprisingly erotic. Read more

Science is always giving us new powers to push back the darkness. Read more

Where were all of you last year? Read more

She glimpsed his cruel and pitiless face, and it was love at first sight. Read more

Atheism doesn’t strip us of hope, but it does strip us of false hope. Read more

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