It’s Not News, It’s Fox News

Buzzfeed compiles a list of recent questions asked by Fox News hosts to Donald Trump, his family and his top aides. To say the questions are less than probing is as much of an understatement as virtually everything Trump says being overstatements. Examples: … [Read more...]

Another Victory for Marriage Equality

Another interesting ruling from the Supreme Court on the last day of the term was a summary ruling on a case that the court hadn't actually heard oral argument on. They granted cert and ruled on the case at the same time, and it involved same-sex marriage and birth certificates. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS to Hear Travel Ban Case, Partially Lifts Injunction

On the last day of the term, the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases challenging Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban, both of which went against him but on very different grounds. And they partially lifted the injunctions against its enforcement while the case is pending. Amy Howe explains the result: … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Allows Tax Funding of Churches

In a result that really does not surprise me, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer that churches and other religious organizations are allowed to receive taxpayer funds that are earmarked for a secular purpose and available to non-religious entities. … [Read more...]

No Retirement Announcement from Kennedy

The last day of the Supreme Court term was Monday and it came and went without an announcement of retirement by key swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy. Many had expected him to retire, and he still might do so, but no announcement on Monday is a good sign. … [Read more...]

CBO Score of Senate Healthcare Bill is Predictably Terrible

The Congressional Budget Office released its score of the Senate's version of the Obamacare repeal and replacement bill and it's almost exactly as bad as the score for the House bill. Instead of 23 million people losing their health insurance, it goes down to only 22 million. So I guess it's no longer "mean." … [Read more...]

Trump Exaggerates Accomplishments. Again.

Trump was up to his typical wild exaggerations of his accomplishments. That's what con artist salesmen do. This time it's about his immigration policies, which he claims has already deported members of the MS-13 gang "by the thousands." As usual, he's lying. … [Read more...]

Hysterical Christians Pray to Stop Witches. Again.

Last week was the summer solstice, so that means the usual clash of two groups of people who get themselves all worked up and start lobbing superstitious nonsense back and forth. The "witches" start doing rituals against Trump and his Christian defenders start issuing prayer calls to stop them. … [Read more...]

Trump Picks Another Prolific Tweeter for Energy Department Post

Donald Trump has chosen another frequent tweeter who regularly posts extremist and conspiracy-minded nonsense to the social media site to run a program at the Department of Energy. William Bradford has a long history of saying very controversial and bigoted things. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Bishop Forbids Communion, Last Rites for Gay People

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois has issued a decree forbidding priests from giving the last rites to gay couples and should even deny communion or confirmation to the children of such couples. Praise the lord and pass the bigotry. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump Lies, Exaggerates Like the Donald

The huckster acorn doesn't fall far from the carnival barker tree in the Trump family. Eric Trump went on Fox News this weekend and lied about Obamacare while wildly exaggerating the non-existent accomplishments of his father in his first few months in office. … [Read more...]

Federal Court Blocks Deportation of Iraqi Christians

The Trump administration recently rounded up more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Dearborn, Michigan area (about 40% Arab, but many of them are Chaldean Christians, not Muslim) and a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing their deportation because they may face persecution and death if sent back. … [Read more...]