Copeland: Cruz ‘Called and Anointed to Be the Next President’


Televangelist con man Kenneth Copeland welcomed Rafael Cruz to his den of iniquity church recently and declared that he is convinced that Ted Cruz has been "called and anointed to be the next president of the United States." Because we should always listen to con men when they claim to speak for God. … [Read more...]

Beck: Journalists About to Be Killed in the Streets

Glenn Beck 1

Hey Glenn Beck, what paranoid dystopic fantasy is rumbling around in that dark space between your ears today? Well this time he says that Hillary Clinton supported the Occupy Wall Street protests, which was the beginning of a revolution that will soon lead to journalists being killed in the streets. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz Goes On Rick Wiles Show


Proving once again that there is no one so extreme that Republican politicians won't associate with them, Ted Cruz' top surrogate, his father Rafael, went on Rick Wiles' TruNews radio show last week. Because nothing boosts your credibility like associating with a completely deranged wingnut like Rick Wiles. … [Read more...]

Apparently, Men Have It Way Worse Than Women


Gavin McInnes is Fox News' favorite sexist jerk that they turn to for comment any time feminism or anything related to it comes up. He can be counted on to say something remarkably stupid and misogynist. They brought him on to discuss this thing about making women register for selective service and he claimed that men are the ones who are truly oppressed: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Terrible Answer on Eminent Domain


Jeb Bush and Donald Trump got into it over eminent domain, which Trump has used to steal property for his hotels and other developments over the years. Trump's defense of eminent domain was absolutely ridiculous and his defense of his particular use of it was a whopper of a lie. Ilya Somin, a legal scholar who specializes in eminent domain, nails him for it. Trump said: … [Read more...]

Rubio Defends No Rape Exception for Abortion Ban


Marco Rubio went on a Sunday morning talk show and defended his position that a woman should not be allowed to get an abortion even if she's raped. He'd tell her how sad he is for her tragic situation, but she's just an incubator now and must be forced to give birth to her rapist's child and then maybe even split custody with the rapist. … [Read more...]

Trump is Booed, Lies About the Audience


For the first time in the campaign, Jeb Bush actually got the better of Donald Trump during the New Hampshire Republican presidential debate on the subject of eminent domain. Trump tried to bully him and use ad hominems, of course, and the audience booed him. And then Trump flat out lied about the audience. … [Read more...]

Cruz: Waterboarding Isn’t Torture


During the last Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz was asked directly whether waterboarding was torture or not. He answered that it clearly was not "under the definition of torture" and "under the law." He could not possibly be any more wrong about that, so much so that one can only conclude that he is lying. … [Read more...]

Roosh V is Not ‘Pro-Rape’; Roosh V is a Rapist


Human excrement Roosh V has gotten a lot of attention lately in the press, not just here but all over the world. And most media accounts have said he was pro-rape, or at least hinted at that fact. But the truth is that he is not pro-rape, he is an actual rapist. He says so in his own books. Some excerpts from them that prove my point: … [Read more...]

Racist Explains Trump’s Appeal to Racists

Attribution: KAMiKAZOW

White supremacist Jared Taylor -- I wish people would stop calling him and others like him white nationalists, a phrase they invented to make themselves sound better; they are white supremacists -- went on CNN and explained why Donald Trump appeals so much to "ordinary white people" -- that is, to racists like him. … [Read more...]

OMG! ‘Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers’ Take Oregon!


Bradlee Dean's Sons of Liberty website is a home for all manner of cranks, crackpots and conspiracy nuts, including, of course, Dean himself. So naturally he publishes an article by another one named Dave Hodges about the federal government being "Nazi occupation storm troopers" who have "taken over Eastern Oregon." … [Read more...]

The Clinton Campaign is Push Polling


In an odd coincidence, Nolan Dalla, a guy I know from the world of poker (not know personally, but know his decades of writing about poker), was push-polled by the Clinton campaign. A push poll, for those who may not know, is a fake "poll" that is really intended to spread negative information about one's opponent. Part of the transcript: … [Read more...]