Every time there’s a mass shooting somewhere, we hear the familiar refrain from the right: It only happened because that’s a gun-free zone! If people were allowed to carry guns, no one would try that because they’d be gunned down. We’ve heard Republican politicians make that argument a thousand times. So why is Capitol Hill a gun-free zone? It hasn’t always been. In fact, it wasn’t even after there were shootings there in the 50s. It was until 1967 that… Read more

Steve Bannon had a busy week, spending many hours testifying before both the Mueller investigation and the House Intelligence Committee (in private session). Before Congress, at least, his testimony did not go well because he refused to answer any question that wasn’t preapproved by the White House. (more…) Read more

We know that Rob Porter didn’t have a permanent security clearance and the same is true of Jared and Ivanka, but NBC News reports that a huge number of White House staffers and aides, including many from the National Security Council, are not approved for security clearances as well. (more…) Read more

Yesterday the head of a Florida white supremacist militia retracted his claim that Nikolas Cruz had been part of his group and had trained with them. I expressed some skepticism of that because the retraction seemed far too convenient for them after initially admitting it. Now CNN reports on Cruz’ frequent expression of white supremacist ideology in a long-running private Instagram group chat. (more…) Read more

Every time there’s a shooting in a school we get the same tired argument from the Christian right: This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t kicked God out of schools! The latest examples are flowing freely after the massacre in Parkland, Florida. Let’s start with Lucian Wintrich, intrepid White House correspondent for Jim Hoft, the oft-declared dumbest man on the internet. (more…) Read more

Con man and arch-bigot Rick Scarborough has been named the new pastor of SkylineDC, an offshoot of Jim Garlow’s Skyline megachurch in California that was set up to be a ministry (unofficial, of course) to Congress and the federal government. This after the first try crashed and burned. (more…) Read more

In a surprising move, Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday indicted 13 Russian citizens for a number of crimes related to interference in the 2016 presidential election. That is, a grand jury indicted them, but that’s pretty much the same thing. Greg Sargent of the Washington Post explains what this means for the broader Russia investigation. (more…) Read more

Predictably, it took Alex Jones about 5 seconds to scream FALSE FLAG over the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Because everything is a false flag in the bizarro universe inhabited by Jones and his followers — unless it involves Donald Trump, for some mysterious reason. (more…) Read more

Mass shootings always prompt some seriously stupid arguments over politics, but this one might take the cake. Some in the wingnutosphere are blaming the shooting on the FBI’s Russia investigation, the argument being that they were too busy investigating the “hoax” of Trump collusion with Putin to stop the shooter after they’d been notified of the things he’d said. (more…) Read more

Rick Gates, the Robin to Paul Manafort’s Batman, is working out a plea deal with Robert Mueller after initially pleading not guilty when charges were filed against him. Since Mueller wouldn’t offer such a deal if Gates didn’t have evidence for them to nail someone more important, this is bad news for Trump and his inner circle. (more…) Read more

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