The Republicans are arguing that instead of just fixing the DACA problem and letting the DREAMers stay, Congress should adopt a comprehensive immigration reform package. Both can be done, of course, one after the other. But the bill they’re advancing to do that is terrible in a number of ways, as David Bier of the Cato Institute details. (more…) Read more

Trying to make a name for yourself as a right-wing woman throwing rhetorical bombs is a real challenge because Ann Coulter set the obnoxiousness bar so high, but that hasn’t deterred the NRA’s Dana Loesch. She attacked the RNC spokeswoman as “flat-chested” after she had a double mastectomy. (more…) Read more

Reading the new Michael Wolff book, there’s a section on Trump’s first official appearance as president after the inauguration, which was at CIA headquarters in Langley. Wolff dryly says of his speech that day that it was a talk “we could confidently call some of the most peculiar remarks ever given by an American president.” And that’s being kind. (more…) Read more

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is rounding up immigrants and they scooped up a physician in Kalamazoo, Michigan and are holding him in jail to face possible deportation over two minor and decades-old criminal charges for which he served his penalty. (more…) Read more

In the alternate reality of Trumpworld, the rest of the world didn’t “respect” the United States when Obama was president, but they would start to do so under his brilliant, strong leadership. It’s hardly a shock to find out that this is the precise opposite of reality. (more…) Read more

On April 7 there’s a day-long event called Secular Social Justice 2018 that I really wish I could attend (and if my health problems have stabilized by then, I’m going to try to go). It’s being hosted by the American Humanist Association but the person who really is behind the idea is the amazing Sikivu Hutchinson, who organized a similar event in Houston in 2016. She explains the necessity of such an event: (more…) Read more

This is one of the most astonishing stories I’ve ever seen. A state judge in Texas, presiding over a case involving child sex trafficking, interrupted the jury while they were trying to decide the case and told them that God told him that the defendant was innocent. (more…) Read more

When Obama was in office and there was a government shutdown, Donald Trump repeatedly tweeted about his lack of leadership in avoiding it. Here’s what he said in a Fox News interview during the last government shutdown in the fall of 2013: (more…) Read more

The NRA spent far more on last year’s election to support Donald Trump than in any other election prior to that and now, according to an explosive new McClatchy report, Robert Mueller is investigating whether some of that money was funneled to the NRA by a Russian official with close ties to Vladimir Putin. (more…) Read more

If anyone out there wonders why Fox and Friends is must-watch TV for Donald Trump, his own self-declared favorite show, look no further than the interview they did with some douchebag named Bob Massi, where they all excused both Trump’s racism and his long history of sexual misconduct and assault. (more…) Read more

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