Rubio: I’m as Bad as Cruz, I Promise!


Christian right leaders have flocked to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio doesn't like it one bit. So he had his "faith outreach director" do an interview with the Christian Post to assure the wingnuts that he's every bit as much of a Christian extremist as Cruz. He'll hate gays and women just as much as Cruz, he promises! … [Read more...]

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Giuliani Clutches Pearls Over Beyonce Performance


This report comes to you from the Clueless and Cranky Old White Guys Department: Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani got his panties all bunched up over Beyonce's halftime performance, which symbolically was a tribute to the Black Panthers, who were founded 50 years ago like the Super Bowl. It's an outrageous insult to police officers! … [Read more...]

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Ted Cruz Gets an Exorcism!


Okay, this is absolutely hilarious. A couple guys in Texas interrupted one of Ted Cruz' campaign speeches to attempt to perform an exorcism on him because he's possessed by demons. What makes it all the funnier is that it's people like Cruz who believe in such utter nonsense in the first place. … [Read more...]

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Political Scientists Ask: Can Sanders Win the General Election?


Vox asked a handful of prominent political scientists whether Bernie Sanders would have a serious chance to win the general election if he were to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. The consensus was a fairly resounding no, though the level of certainty varied by individual. Some of their arguments: … [Read more...]

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John Fea Echoes My Argument on Thomas Jefferson


I have been arguing for more than a decade now that today's "Christian nation" crowd is making the exact opposite of the claims their forebears made about religion and the founders, especially Thomas Jefferson. In the late 18th century, Jefferson was a terrible infidel and the Constitution was a godless document. Christian historian John Fea makes a similar argument about David Barton's lies about Jefferson: … [Read more...]

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Damn, No Third Great Awakening I Guess


Remember last week when Rick Joyner said that if the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl, it will be a sign from God that America is about to undergo a Third Great Awakening? Sorry Rick, I guess there isn't going to be any dramatic movement of the Holy Spirit over the country. … [Read more...]

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Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What ‘Declassifying’ Means


Ted Cruz said he would bring back waterboarding in some circumstances during the latest Republican presidential debate and Donald Trump said he'd bring back tactics even worse than that. In an interview with Jake Tapper, who reminded him that waterboarding is explicitly illegal, Trump offered this bizarre response: … [Read more...]

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Jones: Sanders Supporters Like Followers of Hitler


Alex Jones went on another of his trademark deranged rants, this time about Bernie Sanders and his supporters, claiming that he's the second coming of Adolf Hitler and his supporters are like those Germans who supported him. Because that's a totally reasonable thing to say, don't you think? … [Read more...]

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Copeland: Cruz ‘Called and Anointed to Be the Next President’


Televangelist con man Kenneth Copeland welcomed Rafael Cruz to his den of iniquity church recently and declared that he is convinced that Ted Cruz has been "called and anointed to be the next president of the United States." Because we should always listen to con men when they claim to speak for God. … [Read more...]

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Beck: Journalists About to Be Killed in the Streets

Glenn Beck 1

Hey Glenn Beck, what paranoid dystopic fantasy is rumbling around in that dark space between your ears today? Well this time he says that Hillary Clinton supported the Occupy Wall Street protests, which was the beginning of a revolution that will soon lead to journalists being killed in the streets. … [Read more...]

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Rafael Cruz Goes On Rick Wiles Show


Proving once again that there is no one so extreme that Republican politicians won't associate with them, Ted Cruz' top surrogate, his father Rafael, went on Rick Wiles' TruNews radio show last week. Because nothing boosts your credibility like associating with a completely deranged wingnut like Rick Wiles. … [Read more...]

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Apparently, Men Have It Way Worse Than Women


Gavin McInnes is Fox News' favorite sexist jerk that they turn to for comment any time feminism or anything related to it comes up. He can be counted on to say something remarkably stupid and misogynist. They brought him on to discuss this thing about making women register for selective service and he claimed that men are the ones who are truly oppressed: … [Read more...]

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