Yes, Jeffrey Singer, the Bill of Rights Does Apply to Non-Citizens


Jeffrey Singer, our resident conservative in the comment section, clearly knows nothing about constitutional law. In the comments on the post about the armed wingnuts protesting outside of mosques around the country, he repeatedly made the same ignorant claim about the Bill of Rights applying only to citizens, even going so far as to say that no legal scholar would ever say that it applied to anyone else. A few snippets of his statements: … [Read more...]

Theodore Shoebat: Christian, Fascist, Moron


Theodore Shoebat's father Walid may be a fake "ex-terrorist," but his son is the genuine article. No, he hasn't actually killed anyone that we know of, but he continually advocates for the wholesale slaughter of...well, pretty much everyone. He's called repeatedly for the murder of all gay people, now he says that in the theocratic fascist state he wants to create, anyone who expresses "explicitly anti-Christian sentiment" would be killed as well. … [Read more...]

Graham: Removing Ten Commandments Monument is Just Like ISIS

Church and State

Franklin Graham is predictably upset about the Ten Commandments being moved from the Oklahoma state capitol to private property. And he's predictably making really stupid arguments about it, comparing it to ISIS destroying Christian archaeological sites and artifacts in Iraq and Syria. I don't know if he genuinely believes this nonsense or is just selling stupid to the stupid. I also don't think it much matters. … [Read more...]

Wiles Whiffed on Hurricane Joaquin Prediction Too

Screenshot from Youtube clip

It was amusing to watch all the end times "prophets" and wingnuts seize on the fact that the name Joaquin means something about God (some say "lifted by God" while others say "God established") as proof that Hurricane Joaquin was going to cause massive damage to the United States as God's punishment for everything (they think) he doesn't like. Rick Wiles said it was going to destroy New York City because Congress wouldn't defund Planned Parenthood. … [Read more...]

Mother Teresa’s Orphanages Don’t Give a Damn About Kids

Here's yet another example of why the veneration of Mother Teresa and the supposed selflessness of her and her followers is totally unjustified. India has set new rules for adoption, trying to get more orphaned children into permanent homes in a country with millions of orphans and only a few thousand adoptions each year, but the Missionaries of Charity refuse to take part because they refuse to let a single person adopt a child. … [Read more...]

Anti-Muslim Protest in Dearborn Fizzles


There were supposed to be a whole bunch of anti-Muslim rallies at mosques around the country by armed paranoid extremists affiliated with the Oath Keepers and other far-right groups, but they mostly fizzled. That includes here in Dearborn, which has the largest Arab population in the country (many of them Christian, actually), where a small number of idiots showed up and were greeted by far more counter-protesters. … [Read more...]

Cruz Lies About Screening Syrian Refugees


Hey, here's a shock: Ted Cruz lied about something. And he lied in order to make people afraid of something they shouldn't be afraid of. We have a word for that: Demagoguery, which is pretty much all Ted Cruz has in his political toolkit. This time he lies about what Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said about the possibility that ISIS might hide people among the Syrian refugees. … [Read more...]

Trump Pulls Refugee Numbers Out of His Posterior


To say that Donald Trump plays fast and loose with the facts is an extraordinary understatement. If he overhears someone say something at a campaign event, he'll repeat it without giving a damn whether it's true or not. And he seems to do this a lot when it comes to Syria. A few months ago he heard some wingnut say that we are refusing to allow Syrian Christians come to this country and he's repeated it ever since (it's false, of course). And here's yet another example on Syria: … [Read more...]

Varney and O’Reilly Declare Media Matters a Hate Group


Stuart Varney and Bill O'Reilly are hopping mad that Media Matters for America is continually criticizing Fox News and them specifically, so they put their heads together and decided that the organization is a "hate-filled propaganda machine" that should be stripped of their tax-exemption by the IRS because they talk about politics a lot. And another irony meter bites the dust. … [Read more...]

Savage Wants to Be NIH Director Under Trump

Far-right radio host Michael Savage's head is shoved so far up Donald Trump's ass that he's now sporting the Donald's hairstyle, and now perhaps we see why. During an interview with Trump on his show, Savage said, apparently quite seriously, that he wants to be the director of the National Institutes of Health in a Trump administration. And Trump thinks that would bring "common sense" (whatever the hell that is) to the position. … [Read more...]

More on Ben Carson Pimping Medical Scams

Credit: Michael Vadon

Dave Gorski, a real-life cancer researcher and surgeon, has more information about Ben Carson's several years spent shilling for a company called Mannatech, which produces "natural" (that word should always send up a red flag when dealing with medical claims) supplements that promise to cure everything from cancer to AIDS. Carson has spoken at the company's events and made some downright absurd claims about how its products helped him survive prostate cancer. … [Read more...]

Erik Rush: Mass Shootings are Government False Flag Operations


Erik Rush, the world-class paranoiac who thinks America suffers from an excess of "negrophilia" and who has never met a conspiracy theory he didn't love (especially if Obama is the bad guy in the story), claims that all of the mass shootings we've seen are really false flag operations. The Obama administration, he suggests, is recruiting "beta males" through internet forums and manipulating them into going on shooting rampages. … [Read more...]