We are back after missing last week when I was in the hospital. On this episode, we talk about the Omarosa allegations, the Manafort trial, the pulling of John Brennan’s security clearance and more. It’s now available for patrons only and will be available to the public late Monday or early Tuesday. You can become a patron and get early access to the podcast for as little as $2 per episode. Read more

Remember that terrible idea of withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan and replacing them with private mercenaries from Erik Prince’s company? It seems Trump is now actively considering it because he thinks it should be easy to “win” that war (whatever winning might mean). (more…) Read more

After reports that the military parade he demanded like the tinpot dictator he truly wants to be would cost many times more than originally thought, Trump has canceled that parade but said he might reschedule it for next year. And of course, its someone else’s fault because nothing is ever his fault. (more…) Read more

I haven’t written about our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt and, as usual, he’s calling everyone he disagrees with demon-possessed. This time it’s critics of Donald Trump whose souls belong to Satan. But never fear, he’ll be there to conduct the exorcisms necessary to free them from spiritual bondage. (more…) Read more

I’ve created a fantasy football league on ESPN. We’re limited to 8 teams, but we could expand to 10. I have one person already signed up and two more I’m saving slots for, so that leaves 4 or 6 spots available. If you’d like to join, shoot me an email (stcynic@gmail.com) and I’ll send an invite from the website. It’s set up as a PPR league, for those that might matter to. Read more

Clueless misogynist Gavin McInnes, founder of the badly misnamed Proud Boys, has clearly moved from Canada to that alternate reality I call Trumpworld, where everything is the exact opposite of reality. He says there’s no such thing as Nazis and that if “white nationalists” held military training camps, everyone would be up in arms about it. (more…) Read more

A New York couple paid for a tour of the Statue of Liberty, but guards told them that they had to change out of their t-shirts, which said “Abolish ICE.” When the couple refused, they pulled them out of line and refused to let them in. First Amendment cases just don’t get much easier than this one. (more…) Read more

Once again, it took Donald Trump less than 24 hours to completely contradict the lie his spokespeople were trying to sell about why he yanked John Brennan’s security clearance. As he did with the James Comey firing in an interview with Lester Holt a day after firing him, Trump just vomited out the truth — it was all about Russia. (more…) Read more

I’m not sure who to root for in a battle between Jonah Goldberg and David Horowitz, both of whom I loathe. But Goldberg at least has enough sense to recognize Trump for what he is, while Horowitz is clearly living in the alternate reality of Trumpworld, where up is down, war is peace and Trump is endlessly loyal. On Twitter, Goldberg asked this question: (more…) Read more

The Senate has once again discovered a tiny bit of a spine, though it’s still just a non-binding resolution instead of an actual policy. They unanimously adopted a resolution praising freedom of the press and explicitly rejecting Trump’s repeated claim that the media is the “enemy of the people.” (more…) Read more

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