Raid to Find Critical Blogger Ruled Unconstitutional

When a Louisiana sheriff raided the home of someone he thought might be an anonymous blogger who had been criticizing him a few weeks ago, it was quite obvious that the search was unconstitutional despite a judge having signed the warrant. An appeals court has now ruled as such. … [Read more...]

Trump Hires Guy Christie Fired Over Bridgegate

Donald Trump is always telling us that the secret to his success is that he hires the best people, just the best people ever. And that's how he's going to fix every problem, by hiring the very best people ("best" meaning those who haven't criticized him in any way, as opposed to "disgusting," which means anyone who has criticized him). So explain this: … [Read more...]

Fox News Has to Choose Between Kelly and O’Reilly?

Vanity Fair has an interesting article suggesting that Fox News is facing a huge dilemma in the wake of the forced resignation of Roger Ailes. Both Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly, their two biggest stars, are both free agents in a year and they may not be able to keep them both. … [Read more...]

Citigroup Warns Trump Win Could Trigger Global Recession

Massive bank and investment company Citigroup is warning its clients that if Donald Trump is elected president in November, that might very well lead to a global recession. A Clinton win, on the other hand, would likely avoid that eventuality. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Offensive Non-Sequitur

Donald Trump has been trying so hard to behave himself the last week and a half or so. He's been reading from a teleprompter so he doesn't blurt out every thought that pops into his head. But his new babysitters forgot to take away his Twitter privileges, resulting in this: … [Read more...]

‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Terroristic Threats

A self-declared "Christian warrior" in Las Vegas has been arrested and indicted on multiple charges of making terroristic threats against the government and against "gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists." He seems really charming. … [Read more...]

Not a Single Council of Economic Advisers Member Supports Trump

This is a pretty significant development. The Wall Street Journal did a survey of every living member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, going all the way back to the Nixon administration, and not one of them said they supported Donald Trump for president. Not one. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Doctor as Much of a Buffoon as He Is

So NBC News tracked down and got to interview that doctor who wrote the absolutely ridiculous letter last December about Donald Trump being so fit and strong that he would be the healthiest man ever to occupy the White House. It went pretty much as one would suspect. … [Read more...]

WV AG Spokesperson Fired for Racist Video

The spokesperson for the attorney general of West Virginia has been fired after making a video full of white supremacist slogans and statements. But it's all okay, because she says she didn't have any "intent" to offend anyone. That makes it all better, right? … [Read more...]

Eric Trump Says Dad Ran Because of a Lie

In an interview with televangelist con man James Robison, Eric Trump ran down a litany of ridiculous complaints and said they are why his father decided to run for president, including a flat-out lie that the White House Christmas tree is now called a "holiday tree." … [Read more...]

Erik Rush’s Bizarre ‘Alternative’ Hillary Clinton

Erik Rush has said some really bizarre things in the past, but this passage from his latest column is fucked up to the point where one might consider ordering some psychological testing. Listen to this truly weird bit of imaginative WTF: … [Read more...]

Texe Marrs: God Sent Trump to Destroy Israel

I haven't heard a mention of Texe Marrs, an anti-Semitic preacher so far out on the fringe that he can't even see the actual fringe from where he is, in a long time. But he has now spoken out in support of Donald Trump because he thinks Trump might have been sent to destroy Israel. … [Read more...]