Trump EPA Nominee Loves ‘States’ Rights.’ Except When He Doesn’t.

If you haven't figured out by now that the declared preference by conservatives for state control of many public policy issues is nothing more than a convenient excuse that they jettison when they don't like what the states might do, you haven't been paying attention. Trump's EPA nominee, Scott Pruitt, demonstrates this perfectly. … [Read more...]

Charles Pierce on the DeVos Confirmation Hearing

There are few commentators who can use humor to break down political events. He's approaching being a modern day Mencken. And when it came to the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearings to be the next education secretary, he captures it perfectly. … [Read more...]

Trump Wanted Military Equipment for His Inaugural Parade

If you need more evidence that Donald Trump envisions himself as a tinpot dictator, sources close to him told the Huffington Post that he wanted to use tanks and munitions as part of his inaugural parade. Jesus, was he planning on wearing epaulets on his jacket too? … [Read more...]

We Survived the Obama Presidency!

A new president will be inaugurated today, bringing an end to the horribly tyrannical reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. We should all be proud of ourselves for brilliantly avoiding all of the terrible things that Obama had planned for us. Some examples. … [Read more...]

How Trump Plans to ‘Make America Great Again’

Donald Trump made his inane slogan "Make America Great Again" a mantra for the intellectually challenged. They repeated it ad nauseum. But what does it actually mean? What does Trump think it means and how does he intend to achieve it? With empty symbolism, of course. … [Read more...]

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, a tireless activist for humanism and against the many barbarities of religion in his native Nigeria and all of Africa. In it, he celebrates twenty years of the Nigeria Humanist Movement, which he founded, and the good that it has done. … [Read more...]

Dear Rick Perry: The Glasses Aren’t Helping

Update: It appears that this story is false. Details here. Mea culpa.Rick Perry's attempt to make himself look intelligent and well-informed by wearing glasses doesn't seem to have done much good at all. The New York Times reports that Perry had absolutely no idea what the Department of Energy actually does when he accepted the nomination to lead it. … [Read more...]

Yep, People are Still Incredibly Ignorant

A few years ago Jimmy Kimmel did some man-on-the-street interviews and found that a lot of people don't know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. He decided to see if anything had changed since then. Spoiler alert: Nope. … [Read more...]

No, Gwyneth, Putting Jade in Your Vagina Does Not Promote ‘Crystal Healing’

Gwyneth Paltrow has fallen for -- or invented, perhaps -- yet another bullshit alt-me, homeopathic, chakra-balancing product: Jade eggs that you put in your vagina that work medical miracles for your "balance" and "energy" and other meaningless buzzwords. Here's the whole pitch: … [Read more...]

Donald Trump and the Christian Right Obsession with Masculinity

Kristin Du Mez, the chair of the history department at deeply conservative Calvin College here in Grand Rapids, has written a thorough and compelling article about how the evangelical obsession with a warped version of masculinity explains why he overwhelmingly won the Christian right vote. … [Read more...]

Head of Austrian Fascist Party to Attend Inauguration

The head of the fascist Austria's Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, is on a trip to America, apparently at the invitation of Rep. Steve King. And he's going to be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump. Strache has ties to Trump's National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. … [Read more...]

Trump Comments Cause Value of Dollar to Drop

And here we have yet another example of Donald Trump's habit of blurting out whatever foolish idea comes into his head causing real damage. During an interview he commented that he thinks the value of the dollar is too strong, causing it to plunge the next day. … [Read more...]