Report: McMaster Called Trump a Childish Idiot in Private Dinner

Buzzfeed reports that National Security Advisor Gen. HR McMaster told a CEO under consideration for potential jobs in the administration that Trump is, in essence, a childish idiot incapable of understanding the most basic facts upon which he is supposed to make decisions. (more…) Read more

Trump Admitted to Peeping at Teen Pageant Contestants

If you’re wondering why Trump has remained silent on the allegations against Roy Moore but not against Al Franken, look no further than his own history as the owner of the Miss Teen USA pageant. And contrary to the lie from Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he admitted to this — brought it up himself — on the Howard Stern show in 2005: (more…) Read more

Gianforte Lied to Police About Assault on Reporter

Remember Greg Gianforte, the Republican congressman from Montana who assaulted a reporter just before the election last year but won anyway? The Guardian just got the police report on the incident and it shows that he lied to the police about the incident after it happened. (more…) Read more

How to Think Critically About the Al Franken Accusations

Today’s lesson in how to think rationally and with intellectual consistency: A whole lot of people on my Facebook timeline are making arguments and sharing memes making arguments about the allegation against Al Franken that they would never accept if made in defense of someone they didn’t like politically. Like this one: (more…) Read more

Christian Right Still Oblivious to Their Own Contradictions

Unhinged anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera went on the Voice of Christian Youth America radio show with Jim Schneider and they seriously asked the question of whether the election of so many LGBT candidates last week was proof that God had “given the United States over to depravity.” (more…) Read more

Wiles: Christians in America Just Like Jews in Nazi Germany

Deranged fantasist Rick Wiles is still peddling the utterly bizarre claim that Christians are oppressed in America and are on the verge of being rounded up and murdered by….well, someone. Them. The ubiquitous Them. They’re going to kill Christians just like Hitler killed Jews. (more…) Read more

Gorka Lies About Clinton and Uranium One on Fox News

Shep Smith may have debunked the entire fake story over Hillary Clinton and Uranium One but that isn’t stopping the other Fox News hosts from continuing to push the story, and inviting people on to tell lies about it. Fascist Sebastian Gorka is the latest liar to do so on the network. (more…) Read more

Hannity Shows the Usual Right Wing Hypocrisy on Boycotts

Sean Hannity’s show is losing advertisers quickly and he is freaking out over it. When Angelo Carusone of Media Matters for America, went on CNN to talk about a boycott urging advertisers to stop buying ads on his show, Hannity fired up his hypocritical outrage machine on Twitter: (more…) Read more

Alabama Media Group Laughs Off Lawsuit Threat from Moore

Last week, Roy Moore’s ambulance-chasing hack attorney sent a terribly written huff and puff letter to the Alabama Media Group, which owns three newspapers and the website, and to the Washington Post, threatening to sue them over allegedly inaccurate stories. AMG is pretty much laughing in Moore’s face. (more…) Read more

Pastor: Accusations Against Moore Part of a ‘War on Men’

Pastors in Alabama are split about whether to support Roy Moore. Two different groups have released public letters, one in support and one in opposition. One of the pastors supporting him is taking the utterly absurd position that the accusations against Moore are part of a “war on men” and that women are more likely to be sexual predators than men. (more…) Read more

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