Two Republican Senators who were in the meeting between members of Congress and Donald Trump on Tuesday say that he lost his temper during those talks and threatened to shut down the government if he didn’t get his way on border funding, demanding that the funding be “robust.” (more…) Read more

It has been well-documented that Trump’s constant campaign theme — “America First” — was originally used by neo-Nazi Charles Lindbergh (yes, that Charles Lindbergh; he was a Nazi). But that isn’t where Trump’s borrowing of Nazi and fascist rhetoric ends. Aviya Kushner, an expert on language, writes about his current demonization of immigrants and traces its roots to fascist rhetoric as well. (more…) Read more

America already spent almost half of all the money spent on “defense” in the entire world, but that apparently is not enough for Trump, Republicans in the Senate, or even most Democrats in the Senate, who voted for a huge increase in military spending for 2019, a $716 billion budget for the Pentagon. (more…) Read more

To listen to Trump and his fellow bigots, you’d think that immigrants come here and go on massive crime rampages. The reality is quite the opposite. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, commit fewer crimes than Americans. Far fewer. Like it isn’t even close. (more…) Read more

Harry Litman, former US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, says Rudy Giuliani may have put himself on the hook for possible obstruction of justice charges by publicly dangling pardons for Paul Manafort and others under investigation by Robert Mueller. (more…) Read more

Trump met with Republicans in Congress over immigration legislation on Tuesday, but things seem to be heading for a showdown that would expose the dishonesty and inanity of his policy of separating children from their parents at the border. The Senate appears ready to pass a law forbidding that: (more…) Read more

I’m getting beyond fed up with the constant demonization and dehumanization of immigrants, especially those who do it while quoting the Bible, which contains verse after verse commanding them to treat immigrants just like they would their own family. Here’s Leigh Valentine on the “Faith and Freedom” radio show: (more…) Read more

The Supreme Court released several rulings on Monday, as expected, and the Wisconsin gerrymandering case is getting a lot of the attention. But there was another important case, Lozman v Riviera Beach that was an important victory for the First Amendment and the right to criticize public officials. (more…) Read more

While the rest of the world looks to new and emerging technologies and markets, Donald Trump is focused on a futile effort to revive industries that will soon be part of the past. His picking of economic winners and losers, especially through the use of tariffs, will be a losing bet for the American economy and American workers. (more…) Read more

ProPublica, the non-profit news organization that has done amazing work and won multiple Pulitzer prizes for it, has secretly obtained an audio recording from inside a detention facility holding some of those 2000 children who have been ripped from their parents’ arms at the border in the last few weeks. It is chilling. (more…) Read more

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