Welcome to Freethoughtblogs.com

Welcome to the brand new Freethoughtblogs.com.

I am so excited that this day is finally here after months of preparation and effort. We hope that FreethoughtBlogs will turn in to an important gathering place for atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, heathens and infidels of all makes and models. Please make yourself at home.

Though the site name and the network is new, many of the blogs here should be ones that you are already familiar with. In addition to my blog, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, PZ Myers has moved his astonishingly popular blog Pharyngula here as well. You can certainly count on the two of us to continue to amuse you and probably at times enrage you as well.

But we’re not alone. Also moving with us is the legendary Cuttlefish, poet laureate of the skeptical blogosphere, who will continue to foist his wry sense of humor on the world in verse form.

Also on the first day roster are two people who are starting their own blogs for the first time but who should not be strangers to most of you. Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew, veteran front pager at the DailyKos and longtime activist for sound science education, is debuting his new blog The Zingularity where, he promises, “legit science disappears forever down an event horizon of petty snark and cynicism.”

The pseudonymous PhysioProffe is, as the name suggests, a physiology professor at a private medical school who blogs about politics, academia, food, booze and sports. Not necessarily in that order. He is bringing his longtime blog, once a staple at ScienceBlogs, to the new network.

And last but certainly not least, Chris Rodda — debunker of all that Christian Nation nonsense and perpetual thorn in David Barton’s side — is starting her own blog as a companion to her weekly podcast This Week in Christian Nationalism.

This will not be the end of the list of blogs we will feature here before long. Over the next three months we will also be adding Greta Christina’s brilliant blog, a companion blog to the award winning Reasonable Doubts podcast and many more skeptical blogs that you probably know and love already.

Please excuse the dust around the place, which is still in the finishing stages of construction. As we kick the tires and test the engine of this machine, we will undoubtedly be making adjustments to the templates and other techy things on the fly.

We look forward to Freethought Blogs quickly becoming the kind of community that has grown up around our blogs when they were on other networks. We also look forward to introducing some of the lesser known blogs to the broader audiences they greatly deserve.

"He says he has nothing to do this summer. Is he even employed."

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  • This is another test comment. This is like repairing a car while driving it down the road at 100 miles per hour.

  • DavrosLives

    I’m glad to see a new, independent blog network. I’m already a reader of DFTCW, Pharyngula, and the Cuttlefish, but sounds like I’ll have a few more to check out

  • This is another test comment.

  • Philip Legge

    Congrats on moving into the new habitations! (I was going to use the word accommodation, but that would simply be asking to be misinterpreted.) With PZ, the digital Cuttlefish and Greta joining you here I’m sure it’s going to be marvellous. Hurrah.

  • jimroberts

    Congratulations! And now, back to lurking:)

  • chessnut

    Good morning! I’m happy to see so many of my favourite blogs under a shiny new umbrella. And well done all round, I can imagine the sort of effort it takes to get this off the ground, but I’m also sure I still underestimate it…

  • stewart

    Congratulations. Will be watching closely to see how this works out. The potential is certainly there, let’s hope it matches it.

  • So its WP logins then….testing…When can I join hehe

  • rmsc

    Testing 1 2 3

  • llewelly

    I am glad to see you all have moved to a wordpress blog; I have long found moveable type blogs to be among the slowest and most annoying of blogs.

    Better still, it is good to see Ed and PZ moving away from Sb, a brilliant idea that was horribly mismanaged.

    I am excited to hear of a new companion blog to Reasonable Doubts, which has long been one of my favorte podcasts.

    I am also excited to see Chris Rodda blogging here, and to see that Greta Christina will soon be blogging here as well.

  • Carlie

    Looks like it’s going to be great!

  • I’m excited about the new digs.

  • John Kwok

    I like the look of this website, Ed. Congratulations and good luck for the future!

  • ddenatale

    Great concept! Thanks for putting it together.

  • idragosani

    Congrats on the move! Much nicer interface, less cluttered and more pleasing to the eyes.

  • Abby Normal

    Happy moving day! Nice place you’ve got here. Lots of space.

  • Darrin Chandler

    I’m glad you (plural) finally made the jump! It’ll be a bit more hassle, but when something isn’t to your liking you can DO something about it.

  • MIchael Heath

    Best of luck with this endeavor Ed.

  • twincats

    So excellent! I didn’t expect so many of my faves to be here, what a great surprise. This is going to shorten up my blog bookmarks a bunch.

    Here’s hoping the new endeavor goes as smoothly as possible!

  • *testing non-pharyngula blog*

    updating bookmarks and feeds is so hard! *whinge*

  • keysboss01

    Congratulations, Ed. The site looks good. I’ve got it bookmarked and hope to make reading here part of my routine. Best wishes!

  • Daniel Kolle


  • Congratulations, Ed!

    Oh, someone remember to drop Pat an email letting him know the new site address 😉

  • dingojack

    Just seeing if my avatar-thingy* works – Dingo


    * Why yes, since you ask, that is the technical term. 🙂

  • jimmiraybob


    If this works then I say congratulations all around. Glad to see so many favorites under a common roof.

    If this does not work then I say Arhglefarkinoobin!

  • Could you make a suggestions post/email address available?

    If there was one, I’d make the following suggestion:

    Regularly randomize the order of the blogs displayed on the top-level homepage. I’m sure many people only make it part way through the page, and it would be a good way to share the visibility. It should be easy enough to code up…