Creation Wars: Ohio School Board Flirts With Creationism

Over at the old place I’ve got a post about another local school board trying to put creationism into science classrooms and setting themselves up for a big loss in court.

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  • Chiroptera

    Thanks, Ed. I was just about to request that you put a notice on this blog when you update the old one. I appreciate this.

  • neurobio

    Would it be possible to simply post everything here? I mean, all posts here, and then the creationism ones crossposted to the old blog?

    It would make things easier for those of us who simply run through their blogs with readers rather than browsers…

  • dcsohl

    “Reader”? Like a feed reader or like an e-reader? If you use a feed reader why not just stay subscribed in both places? That’s what I’ve done. E-readers, I know less about.

  • BobApril

    Just guessing, but there’s probably some rights issues with cross-posting. NatGeo would probably prefer their SciBlogs content to be exclusive. I’m surprised with how generous they’ve been letting Ed advertise FTB over there.