Geller Accuses Obama of Having SEALs Killed

Just when you thought Pam Geller couldn’t get any crazier, take a look at this post about the crash of a military helicopter in Afghanistan that apparently killed 20 Navy SEALs who were part of the same unit that captured Bin Laden.

Back in May, Defense Secretary Gates said that releasing information about the OBL raid threatened the safety of Navy SEALs and their families, making them targets for terrorists.

Why did the Obama administration leak and name this Seal Team? Was it payback?

I’ve heard this claim a lot from the wingnuts, that publicly saying that the operation was carried out by SEAL Team Six is some kind of magic revelation that puts the men in that unit in danger. I don’t see how. First of all, there are only two units in the military that would likely carry out that kind of mission, SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force (the Army equivalent of the Navy’s SEALs). That was hardly a mystery.

More importantly, how does knowing that this particular unit carried out the mission help anyone retaliate against them? It’s not like there’s a directory of the members of such a unit that anyone could get their hands on. Few people outside the families of those men are likely to even know that they belong to it and even those people have no idea where their loved ones are at any point in time.

My cousin was in Delta Force and they were incredibly secretive; his own mother, my aunt, never was allowed to know even where he was stationed at any given time. She would get a call out of the blue every now and then, which could only last maybe one minute. He would tell her he was fine and that was it. He couldn’t tell her where he was, what he was doing, what he had done in the past, nothing. The notion that someone could find out who is in such a unit and take action against them is extraordinarily unlikely.

But that’s an almost sane argument compared to Geller’s suggestion that the Obama administration deliberately leaked it as “payback” for…well, what, exactly? Who knows what delusions this whacko has about that issue.

The Taliban claimed that they downed the helicopter with rocket fire while it was taking part in a raid on a house where insurgents were gathered in the province of Wardak late Friday. Who tipped them off? And who supplied the Taliban with state-of-the-art surface-to-air armaments?

Well isn’t that a fascinating leap of logic? There is nothing at this point to indicate anyone shot the helicopter down. The Pentagon has only said that it crashed. That happens in wartime, you know. Sometimes the equipment malfunctions. It might have been shot down, but we don’t have any evidence for that, much less any evidence that the Taliban did it. That’s leap of logic #1.

Leap of logic #2 is the idea that, even if they did shoot down the chopper, someone must have tipped them off. Again, there isn’t any evidence for this at all, it’s just Geller’s imagination. Leap of logic #3 is that, if someone did tip them off, it was someone in the Obama administration. Far more likely, of course, is that they might have been tipped off by someone in the Afghan military, which is widely known to have Taliban infiltrators in it. There were also Afghan military on the chopper, according to the AP report, so at least some people in that group knew about the mission.

Leap of logic #4 is that they must have had “state-of-the-art surface-to-air armaments” in order to bring the chopper down. Again, not a shred of evidence for this. One lucky shot with a stinger or some similar SAM could easily have done it. Leap of logic #5 is that, if someone did supply them with such equipment, it must have been the Obama administration. And that’s just a tad bit, oh ya know, freaking insane.

And then there’s this:

These are the questions that must be asked and answered by the Obama administration. But do not expect the press, whose job it is to do, to do it. They are an activist propaganda machine actively working against the American people. The enemy’s number one arsenal on its war on America.

Well sure. Because if they don’t Pam’s delusion-based questions, they must be the enemy. I’m sure it makes perfect sense in that festering swamp inside her cranium.

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  • Occam’s Blunt Instrument

    Yeah, Obama was down on the ground with a rifle, shooting up at the chinook. There’d be photos except he’s so dark he blends in perfectly with the afghanis. And, um, september 11, Hussein and all that.

    Where do they get these people? It’s like they’re trying to do Goebbels’ “big lie” but all they’re able to produce is weird bafflegab.

  • dingojack

    I’m sure the Taliban have those really, really smart missles that can ask the target who they are before blowing them up.

    Too bad US missles can’t do the same, eh Pammy? – Dingo

  • Occam’s Blunt Instrument

    even if they did shoot down the chopper, someone must have tipped them off.

    Anyone who thinks that a “tip off” is needed to detect a chinook is a gold-star idiot member of the frequent idiots club. Those things are big and loud. (And, considering that US “strategy” in Afghanistan is base-centric you can be pretty sure that helicopters are going to go in and out of certain fixed locations. In fact, the mujahideen in the Russo-Afghani war were doing exactly the same thing, except using US-provided stinger missiles. It spelled the beginning of the end for the Russian invasion because, after a while, the helicopter pilots wouldn’t fly, which left their troops in APCs on narrow roads where they could be ambushed easily.)

    Rocket fire can be RPG or captured/abandoned US gear. Remember, in Mogadishu blackhawks were discovered to be quite vulnerable to RPG fire – remember? It sounds like the same situation, more or less: a bunch of badass swinging dicks wanted to drop right into the middle of the action courtesy of a relatively fragile flying machine. And it didn’t work so good.

  • Occam’s Blunt Instrument

    (sigh) I wish there was an edit button.

  • dmcclean

    Let’s ask Geller how she feels about politicos leaking the names of covert CIA agents, threatening the lives of their associates.

    Oh, wait….

  • Tualha

    “…that captured Bin Laden”? Um, no one captured bin Laden. They killed him on the spot, remember?

  • democommie

    Pammyjammy’s completely fucking KKKrazee. The fact that she’s a lying, scheming piece of shit doesn’t alter her basic nuttiness.

    She is the poster child of a “useful idiot”. The reichwing of the GOP (those actually in office) can use idiots like her to stoke up the base’s hatin’ and then say, “It’s preposterous to blame US for their craziness.”.

  • Wes

    Wow. If you really want to be depressed about the current state of American politics, read what some of Geller’s commenters are saying on that thread. Her followers are even crazier than she is…



    Plus Air Force Special Operators and Army Rangers?

    Why were ELITE Counter-Terrorist NAVAL Commandos on a mission that should have NOT had a SEAL component,much less SEAL TEAM 6.?

    This STINKS of AMBUSH , with the “insurgents ” meeting as the BAIT.

    How could there ever be 20 guys in a helicopter? That never happens!!!111one I mean, it’s not like the Chinook helicopter is specifically designed to carry dozens of troops at a time or anything…. It must be a conspiracy by the lizard people!

    Cult lizard Charles Johnson, who sees fascists everywhere and never misses a chance to slander and libel anyone who doesn’t think lizard thoughts and say lizard things, is foaming at the mouth over Pamela’s piece.

    The truth is that VP Joe Biden couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

    You thought I was kidding about the lizard people, didn’t you?

    Charles Johnson forgot to know how to read in English.

    He claims Pamela accused Obama of leaking this to the Taliban


    The fact is that someone leaked the unit info to the media.

    NOW THAT PERSON (S) Needs to be found and tried for the deaths of 20 elite heroes.

    If they went after Bush when Wilson’s wife was “leaked”, after Wilson went to the NYT and took out an op ed…..this act should be severely punished.


    Yeah, all Geller said was “Why did the Obama administration leak and name this Seal Team?” That’s not accusing Obama at all.


    Obama did it. Everyone of them did it, including that lying, ugly, marxist hag, Hillary Clinton. They’ve climbed out of the fires of hell. They killed our Navy Seals.

    This could very easily have come right out of Anders Brevik’s manifesto.

    Too much of a coincidence. This needs a Congressional inquiry. I think this administration tipped of the Taliban.

    Soldiers got killed in a war! That never happens! It’s especially a coincidence because these were elite soldiers that take part in the most dangerous missions. How could they ever get killed by the enemy? Obama is at fault for reality never matching up with the La La Land I live in!

    The stupid. It burns.

  • Occam’s Blunt Instrument

    how does knowing that this particular unit carried out the mission help anyone retaliate against them?

    BTW, I know a former SEAL and I have to say that he is one of the least “in need of protection” people I’ve ever met. Anyone wanting to retaliate against him for anything, would need all the help they could get. :)

  • dingojack

    Tualha – that’s just soooo last season!

    This year ‘captured’ is the new ‘asassinated’ :) – Dingo

  • ehmm

    That’s just… Wow. I’m more sad than angry at this. Either she’s such a cynical piece of garbage that she’d deliberately use this incident to make up some conspiracy hoo-ha to slam Obama, or she’s sincere. She really believes this because why not. I don’t know which is more frightening.

  • dingojack

    Wes – One wonders if these lunkheads know that SEALs stands for SEa, Air and Land?

    Hmm… so why would elite troops trained to do difficult missions on either sea, land or in the air be in an aircraft (a huge, noisy frickin’ helicopter) over the most dangerous, difficult land area the US military is operating in at the moment, when they are Navy (usually at sea)?

    What part of SEALs don’t you get fuckstick? – Dingo

  • cullen

    It’s not hard to shoot down a Chinook – they’re armoured against small arms but not against rockets or RPGs which everyone seem to forget were originally designed to blow up tanks! Armouring a cargo helicopter enough to be RPG-proof would mean that they couldn’t carry anything – the weight of the armour would drag them down too much.

    And I’m sure anyone with a spec of knowledge about the subject knows that the reason for Seals, Army Rangers, and Air Force SOF (AKA Pararescue or PJs) in the same mission is shared responisibilities – the AF PJs are the medics, the Army Rangers are area security, and the Seals (or Delta) are the door kickers. Each doing what they do best. The Afghans were probably the cream of the local crop, getting some on-the-job training from the experts. ANd probably ratted out by their own, if it wasn’t just a random chance of war by some Taliban camping near the base flightpath waiting for a target.

    The crazy is strong with this one. The whole military structure has changed to support this – like all of the Joint Bases being used like Joint Base McChord / Lewis in Washington state – McChord for the Air Force, air transport, etc… and Lewis for the Army Rangers and Delta.

  • schism

    And who supplied the Taliban with state-of-the-art surface-to-air armaments?

    Methinks that conservatives are believing their own bullshit about the US military being invincible. Remember Mogadishu? Peasants armed with decades-old RPG-7s can and do shoot down helicopters just fine.

  • schism

    And I missed Occam’s Blunt Instrument making the same point. Oops.

  • arakasi

    My grandfather was killed in Vietnam when the UH-1 he was riding in was hit by enemy RPG fire. It doesn’t take much to take one down – just one guy with a RPG-7 in the right place can do it. I doubt that Chinooks are much more durable.

    There is no logical need for there to be anything else than one person in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time, if you prefer). It’s not like there aren’t several million RPGs floating around out there and I doubt that most of them have been tracked from point of sale.

  • Doug Little

    Just remember, sand, especially the abrasive wear that sand causes is not a helicopter turbine’s best friend. I guess all the sand over there in the middle east is conspiring with the Obama administration to bring down helicopters !!11!1.

  • John Hinkle

    Sure sounds like Geller knows a lot about what happened, hmm? Stay where you are, Pam. The men in sunglasses are on their way. Don’t struggle, it only makes the knots tighter.

  • Aquaria

    leap of logic #

    Come on, Ed. Let’s call it what it really is: A swan dive into a steaming pile of stupid.

  • Mr Ed

    There is hyperbole and then there is off your meds, Pam isn’t even close to the line.

  • abear

    I noticed Geller scrubbed her comments section clean.

    How was Obama able to tip off the taliban in 2005 when a Chinook was shot down by an RPG killing 15 members? How stupid do you have to be to think it requires a conspiracy to shoot down a helicopter?

    The helicopter had apparently been on the ground for more than an hour in a battle zone before the ill fated take off attempt.

    That’s how the taliban knew the helicopter was there; end of big mystery.

    The Chinook is a large target that has a slow, lumbering takeoff. A hit in the large fuel tanks, engines, transmissions, or rotors is likely to cause a catastrophic crash.

    It’s surprising there hasn’t been more shootdowns.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Ftr: the version of this circulating among my local ‘nuts is that Seal Team Six knows that the Abbottabad raid was a fake, since OBL died many years ago and THEY don’t want people asking questions that will lead back to the thermite in Building Seven; therefore Team Six’s files have all been flagged “people who know too much”.

    Now you know, too! (Don’t answer any uncoded knocks on the door…)

  • phsphilip

    It sounds like the same situation, more or less: a bunch of badass swinging dicks wanted to drop right into the middle of the action courtesy of a relatively fragile flying machine. And it didn’t work so good.

    The account I’ve seen is that the team had been called into the area to assist a pinned down patrol of Army Rangers, and that they were in fact able to push the insurgents back, and then take off back toward base. Apparently the chopper was only shot down on its way back to base. That account may be wrong, but if it’s correct, it’s hardly “badass swinging dicks want[ing] to drop into the middle of the action” that caused it.

  • Modusoperandi

    First of all, there are only two units in the military that would likely carry out that kind of mission, SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force (the Army equivalent of the Navy’s SEALs).

    Incorrect. There are three. You forgot the National Guard Unit Home-by-6. That was Dubya’s. He had it working in such tip-top shape that most of the time he was home by three.

    Occam’s Blunt Instrument

    Rocket fire can be RPG or captured/abandoned US gear. Remember, in Mogadishu blackhawks were discovered to be quite vulnerable to RPG fire – remember?”

    So you’re saying that Obama’s also working for The Enemy in Somalia?

  • ArtK

    What bugs the crap out of me about this: If someone slightly to the left said this about a Republican president, the cries of “treason” would be echoing from coast to coast. “How dare you criticize the CiC?!?!?!?!!!!!” Somehow I doubt that any Democrat has the cojones to call Geller out for this.

  • dingojack

    MO – Well isn’t Somalia somewhere in Africa? You know else is in Africa? KENYA! QED

    Boy those Role Playing Games are dangerous. They outta be banned!

    :) – Dingo

  • Phillip IV

    Why did the Obama administration leak and name this Seal Team? Was it payback?

    Yeah, that’s the most plausible explanation – Obama hated Seal Team 6 because they had killed his best friend and co-religionist, Bin Laden, on his own orders, but those were really Bush’s orders he just forgot to reverse, and although Bin Laden had already died years earlier, and they had to get rid of the fake body because they didn’t even have it. So Obama kept the identity of the unit that made the strike that didn’t take place secret, but then he even more secretly leaked it to the press so that his friends, the Ninjislamists, could track them down and destroy the helicopter with state-of-the-art surface-to-air armaments that surely weren’t any of those they had received from Reagan. And thus, another domino falls on the road to socialism and same-sex marriage.

    Hmmm. Add Chuck Norris, and you have a movie. A pretty bad one.

  • Fifth Dentist

    On Diann Rehm’s NPR show yesterday a reporter formerly embedded in Afghanistan said that special forces, including the SEALs, might go on a dozen or so missions in a DAY. And those would, by nature of their specialty, be among the most dangerous. A retired SEAL on the panel did not dispute this claim.

  • skinner city cyclist

    Add Chuck Norris to any movie and you’ve got a pretty bad movie. Unless it was bad to start with, I suppose, in which case you get a camp classic….

  • feralboy12, der Ken-Puppe Sie außerhalb in 1983 verlassen

    I’m still waiting for Obama to explain what happened to the helicopter that went down during the 1980 hostage rescue attempt.

    Obama must have masterminded it from his Kenyan stronghold; no other explanation makes sense.

  • Modusoperandi

    feralboy12, don’t forget Glenn Miller.

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  • DaveL

    Didn’t the U.S. give a bunch of Stinger shoulder-mounted SAMs to the anti-Soviet Mujaheddin back in the 1980’s? The same Mujaheddin who later became the Taliban?

  • Valhar2000

    DaveL: Let’s not forget all the arms dealers there are in the world, who sell American and European made weapons to pretty much anyone who has cash. I bet these wingnuts think that the only country that has weapons is the USA.

  • Bumper

    A RPG-7 cannot bring down a chinook for sure, but a Russian Kornet E or Chinese HJ-9B can.

    The Kornet (Russian: “Корнет”; English: Cornet) is a Russian anti-tank missile (ATGM). It is a second generation ATGM intended to deal with main battle tanks and to engage slow and low flying helicopters. The 9M133 missile together with its 9P163-1 tripod launcher and 1PN79-1 thermal sight forms the 9K123 missile system, the 9K123 can be c

    arried and operated by a two-person infantry crew.

    Weight 27 kg (29 kg with launch tube)

    Length 1200 mm

    Diameter 152 mm

    Warhead weight 7 kg HEAT, 10 kg TNT equivalent

    Operational range 100-5500m

    Guidance system SACLOS laser beam riding

    Combat history

    During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Kornets were used by some groups of Iraqi special forces to attack American armoured vehicles, “disabling at least two Abrams tanks and one Bradley armored troop carrier in the opening week of the war.

    The second verified episode of Kornet ATGM in combat use occurred during the 2006 Lebanon War, where the missiles, reportedly supplied by Syria, were successfully used by Hezbollah fighters to destroy up to two Israeli Merkava tanks, and damage a number of others. I might be wrong but Kornet E proved to do the job Right.

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