Coming to DC

I’m flying to Washington DC on Sunday morning for work and flying back home Wednesday morning. I should have time available in the evenings if any of the locals there want to get together. Going to see Penn Gillette on Tuesday night, then getting together with some of the Center for Inquiry folks afterwards. Email me if you’d like to put together a meet and greet.

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  • Simon

    If anyone is interested in attending the Penn Jillette event on Tuesday night, you can get your tickets here:

    We’ll have a meet and greet with Ed at a nearby restaurant. Place TBD.

    -(on behalf of) Melody Hensley

    CFI DC Executive Director

  • Juice

    Holy! I had no idea he’d be performing right next to work! Gonna get tickets from the BO tomorrow.

  • Ed Brayton

    I didn’t know about it either until I put something on Facebook about coming to DC this weekend and Melody Hensley from the Washington CFI office told me about it. And now it’s turned into a get together. You’re welcome to join us.

  • Juice

    Really? That sounds cool. I’ll shoot you an email.