Pat Robertson Hearts Rick Perry

Pat Robertson gushed over Rick Perry on the 700 Club last week, saying:

Robertson: Is it any wonder that man was elected for three terms to lead one of the largest states in our nation, and if I might add a very prosperous states, a state that has low unemployment, paying the bills. He has founded his administration on the Bible, and if I might add it works. Man, it took courage for him to do this. All this ‘blurred the lines of separation of church and state,’ no it doesn’t. We had never, never had a time in our country where we separated this country from God, but it looks like we’re trying to do it as hard as we can. And I appreciate Gov. Perry, bringing that emphasis to come back to the roots of our nation.

Texas is paying their bills? I guess if you don’t count the $27 billion budget shortfall for 2011. Which is almost entirely caused by declining revenues, by the way, yet the Republicans still refuse to raise more revenue.


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  • raven

    Texas is paying their bills? I guess if you don’t count the $27 billion budget shortfall for 2011.

    That is almost as high as California’s. Which has been a mess for years now.

    Texas also ranks high in any category of social problems.

    High in teen pregnancy, highly correlated with lifelong poverty.

    High in children living in poverty.

  • rmw

    But raven, they’re doing it in the name of Jesus. Can I get an amen! /sarcasm

  • daniel rotter

    “He has founded his administration on the Bible…”

    Sounds like the Christian equivalent of Sharia Law.

  • In teabagger wingnut land, “paying the bills” means that you cut social programs. It doesn’t mean you ACTUALLY pay the bills, it just means the poor get fucked.

  • Formerly known as Sadie Morrison

    What a shock.

  • raven

    Child Poverty Hits 25 Percent In Texas, But Gov. Perry Still … – CachedFeb 4, 2011 – Rick Perry (R-TX) is being forced to grapple with a huge hole in his … with nearly one in four children living beneath the poverty line: …

    The child poverty rate in Texas is 25%. It is going up, not down.

    This is an important metric for a lot of reasons. Children living in poverty tend to have poorer health care, poorer education, and a high chance of turning child poverty into lifelong poverty.

  • 386sx

    Is it me or does he look like the Martians from Mars Attacks. The ones that go “Ack! Ack! Ack! ” all the time.

  • 386sx

    By the way Ann Coulter was on the 700 club yesterday saying liberals are all one demon called “Legion”. Or something. She wasn’t making much sense because she knew she didn’t have to on that stupid show. Lol.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    … paying the bills.

    With federal stimulus money, if I might add, from blue states, my friend.

  • Modusoperandi

    Pierce R. Butler, to be fair Texas is the rare kind of red state that sends more to DC than it gets back.

  • Shane McGowan for President!!!!

  • Midnight Rambler

    Modusoperandi: do you know if that’s still true? The table I have only goes up to 2005, and it shows Texas at a ratio of 0.93 dollars received/sent. I’m wondering if it survived their budget mess this past year.

  • Modusoperandi

    Midnight Rambler, how many states are not underwater right now?

  • Douglas McClean

    Unsurprisingly, the low unemployment claim is exaggerated too.

    Last month, Texas’s 8.2% unemployment rate ranked 26th among the 50 states and DC. Smack-dab in the middle of the road.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Modusoperandi @ # 10: … Texas … sends more to DC than it gets …

    Maybe some of the time, thanks to oil income, but last I heard federal “stimulus” money balanced their most recent budget.

  • Spunmunkey

    Come on – we all know Pat lost his biscuits years ago. Being endorsed by Robertson is a clear sign Perry is a clear & present danger.