Partial Victory in Arkansas Bus Case

Judge Susan Webber Wright (remember her?) has ruled partially in favor of the United Coalition of Reason in a legal fight over whether they can purchase ads on public buses with an atheist message. The Central Arkansas Transit Authority initially rejected the ads, then tried to charge the group $36,000 for an insurance policy against vandalism, since such ads almost always result in vandalism from those good Christians with God-given values.

It’s only a partial victory, however, because while Judge Wright said that the agency could not reject the ad buy, she also said that they could charge $15,000 for a bond. I hope that decision is appealed. The government cannot charge a group to exercise their free speech rights based on the illegal reactions of others to their message.

And the good Christian folk in Arkansas are up in arms about even allowing such ads.

Christians in the community are firing back at the court’s decision saying the case has nothing to do with First Amendment freedoms.

Christian groups have created their own series of advertisements to run across city buses, the medium of choice for the battle of beliefs, it seems.

“Any bus that has these ads running across them will be picketed,” said Bill Wheeler, a Christian leader in Little Rock.

“We are planning to create a newsletter and start gathering our resources to fight ads that create chaos in our society. These ads have nothing to do with free speech. It has to do with corruption and pure evil. We will stand tall for our Lord and fight against this decision.”

Sorry, you authoritarian idiot. It has everything to do with free speech. You don’t get to decide who gets to express their views, no matter how much your imaginary god doesn’t like those views.

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