Jesus Could Be Coming to Detroit

Lou Engle, one of the loonies behind Perry’s prayer rally, is planning a big revival event in Detroit. And he’s bringing with him a guy who says he talks to Jesus face to face all the time. Right Wing Watch reports:

Lou Engle, who is set to lead The Call: Detroit on November 11 with plans to convert Muslims to Christianity and ‘free’ gays from homosexuality, now has a co-host for the rally: faith healer David E. Taylor. Like Engle, Taylor believes that God is directly communicating with newly appointed apostles (the central theme of the New Apostolic Reformation), including him. Taylor’s official biography states: “Since 1989 from the time that he was 17 years old, he has been granted well over 1000 face-to-face visitation appearances from Jesus Christ personally.”

And others have seen it too!

In fact, Taylor contends that Jesus appointed him to be America’s Moses to bring forth the country’s “deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government” – which was later confirmed by God’s appearance in a cloud in Canada:

There are witnesses who can attest to this Face to Face Appearance of the Lord in Canada being a direct result of another major Appearance on Earth in a region of the Lord working with David E. Taylor. Apostle Taylor was in a major conference in Providence, Rhode Island when three leaders from Canada approached him after hearing his testimony about how God has been coming down in every region that he is sent to. He told them that he would love to come and that God said He would go before him! Everyone agreed to the wonderful news and just three days later God appeared openly before millions in Canada!

The Lord also told David E. Taylor His purpose for doing this. In this visitation Jesus continued saying to him, ” David, the nation that God chose to be his representative in the Earth like as was Israel, after every 400 years in certain dispensations and generations the Lord God makes a notable appearance by coming down on Earth from Heaven to that nation in that generation for the World…” He said, “in Moses’s Day the children of Israel where in bondage for over 400 years…after this period the Father came on Earth and Visited His People to deliver them, like I will America now”… “And I am come down to Deliver them…” Ex.3:6-8/Ex. 2:23-25. Jesus said, “David also before I came on Earth between Malachi and the time of Matthew when I first arrived to the earth there was a 400 year point of silence from the Father and then as the scriptures declares, ” God was manifested in the flesh…” (1 Tim. 3:16)…. through Me Jesus walking among men in the Flesh……Now in your day America has entered her 400th year.” David didn’t know this, but he later researched this and found out that America’s first settlement happen at Jamestown and was established in 1607. This would put America one year before her 400th year existence as a nation..!! Wow!! And now He’s doing it again!!

Jesus told David how His desire to see this was not his but the Lord’s. In 2006 when Jesus appeared to David telling him this, preparing him for what He and his Father God were about to do, it was coming upon America’s 400th year as a nation who was once under God…but America has turn her back on the Lord who established our country. This nation is a nation that has been chosen by God. God in His Mercy has a plan to redeem America….and these pictures and videos of the Lord’s Face, and His notable appearances is the 5th year that this has been happening from the Lord since He appeared to apostle David in 2006. The Lord told David that the purpose for Him and His Father coming down is to bring revival to America and redeem her through a mighty deliverance.

Our country needs deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government, just to name a few. Our country needs deliverance from the weakness that is in the church and lethargy, powerlessness and the inability to perform in reaching lost souls. This is why God has come to the Earth!! It’s to help His people and empower them to work with Him to reach Mankind on Earth, which is lost, starting in America, and then around the World!!! God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, are on Earth in America and the World!!! Revival and Reformation has started in America…

I’m surprised they didn’t see Jesus’ face on a piece of toast.

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  • dafydd

    Come now, Mr. Brayton. Everyone knows the Lord only manifests in baked goods when he has a message of global import to communicate.

  • Aquaria

    Our country needs deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government

    So you religious right wackos are getting out of government and crawling back under the rock you came from?


  • Ben P

    I’m still waiting for Nehemiah Scudder.

    Keep in mind that in Heinlein’s alternate future universe “the prophet” aka Nehemiah Scudder was elected president in 2012. No elections were held in 2016.

  • Aquaria

    Not that there’s anything wrong with homosexuality. Just that maybe the homosexual agenda will go away with them, since it’s all in their pointy heads.

  • evilDoug

    …God appeared openly before millions in Canada!

    My first thought on seeing that claim was “Quite an accomplishment, finding any place in Canada where there is the slightest chance that millions of people could see a single cloud.”

    Turns out it «happened» (those are contempt quotes) in New Brunswick – total population about 3/4 of a million.

    And everyone abided by the “no photos, please” rule.

  • frankb

    How about a message in hilariously shaped fruits and vegetables.

    PZ had a picture of an eggplant that foretold of dire consequences if godbots didn’t stop lying for Jesus. But did they listen, no. Now we had a earthquake and a hurricane. Oh the humanity!

  • Ben P

    And everyone abided by the “no photos, please” rule.

    I bet whereever god appears they have the same old women they have in Russian Museums to enforce the “no foto” rule. You pull out a camera they appear out of nowhere get in your face and start scolding you “no foto, no foto, no foto”

  • Ramel

    Our country needs deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government

    So lesbianism isn’t part of homosexuality, alcohol is not a drug, and abortion is murder but not murder/homicide? Erm, whut???

  • Trebuchet

    That cloud video is great. Except it’s clearly not God — it’s George Washington. Or maybe King George III. And after a minute or two, it morphs into a very well endowed female figure.

  • vmanis1

    I have been thinking a lot about Nehemiah Scudder in recent months.

  • evilDoug

    I didn’t even notice there was a video! When I hit sites like that, I exit as fast as I possibly can. I noticed “New Brunswick” and bolted.

    Now what would George Washington be doing in Canada? Clearly that was Pierre Trudeau.

  • Chris from Europe

    Isn’t there that dog ass that looks like popular portrayals of Jesus?

  • pinky

    I love how their god totally agrees with and has the same agenda as the god talkers do.

    I can imagine a conversation with their god:

    David E. Taylor: “Lord what should we do with the hungry, the downtrodden, the imprisoned, the poor?

    God: “Cut off all funding to them, let the bastards starve. If I would have liked them they would be rich – am I right? Health care for the poor is an idea from the devil. In other words; screw all the unfortunate, after all they had the same opportunity to inherit money like you fat cats did.

    Here’s an idea, place the bulk of the tax burden on the poor and middle class. Take their money and build gated communities with brainless, sadistic security guards so you never have to see even so much as a leprous spot on their starving faces.

    I’ve had it up to my keister with these whiny poor, sick, starving bastards. You give them minimum wage so they can buy cheap plastic trash, made by Chinese prisoners, from your Walmarts right?

    Taylor: God I’m glad you see things our way.

    God: Sure thing – what else do you want; multiple wives that you can divorce anytime or perhaps to marry six year old girls and have sex with them when they turn nine?

    Taylor: God, I love ya man!

  • abb3w

    Hm. Is a personal vision sent by god more associated with the Way of Shamanic Mediation or Way of Devotion?

  • Michael Heath

    . . . America’s first settlement happen [sic] at Jamestown and was established in 1607 . . .

    How many tens of thousands of years are they off? Christianists frequent demonstration of racism is revealed once again, along with their continual re-writing of history to a false one. One more example why I stand against taxpayers funding schools run by religionists seeking to abuse more students in a more horrendous manner than they do now.

  • JoeKaistoe

    Wow, so Gawd loves the USA so much, he decided to appear only in Canada!

    A country that has gay marriage. And abortion is completely legal. And gambling. And coincidentally better beer as well (except your microbreweries, a lot of those make pretty delicious stuff).

    Of course, knowing the frothing mania of this type of person, he’s likely also a firm believer in Manifest Destiny.

  • ManOutOfTime

    My ex-brother-in-law belongs to a Jewish Hasidic cult which made the news some years back when a carp in a butcher shop sprang to life and started exhorting, in Hebrew, that people should go and pray. This totally freaked out the Mexican meatcutter – at whom hashem caused the fish to bark first – a gentile! – so, you know, QAD. Bro was quoted in the NY Times explaining how these miracles are TRUE! The butcher was sick of talking about it and had no comment.

    I thought the whole thing about faith was not needing proof? To the point of eschewing it? I must really be a lost soul; I have a higher bar for miracles. I hear voices and see crazy shit in clouds every day. I want George Burns and John Denver revelations about avocado pits.

  • Sorrel555 .

    I met him twice and heard him preach about 4 times now. He’s a really nice, kind hearted guy. His theology is kind of out there, but his personality is actually pretty warm and sincere. I’m not a pastor or anything, but he was really nice to me. I like him.